Dec 31, 2010

Take My Hand^^

It's been quite a wonderful day today. What a blessed Friday^^

Shendy brought kuih Mochi for our group. It truly is a jackpot as kuih Mochi is my favorite kuih~~~

Mochi is made from steamed glutinous rice pounded into sticky dough, stuffed with sweet fillings such as crushed nuts, and molded into ball shape. Sedappp~


After 4 months of struggling, my research finally shows good progress. To point things out, I'm amongst the earliest who managed to complete the research proposal. Regrettably, I'm amongst the last who can really work on it smoothly.. We've tried lots of things; altering here and there on the procedures and materials, repeating the experiment so, so, so many times and today, the result of the specimen put a smile on me.

Now we already found the appropriate method, we can start wo
rking thoroughly. Alhamdulillah^^

Dr Hakim asked me to give him a treat as Malaysia won against Indonesia during the AFF Suzuki. I believe I should really buy him something, but as for the second thought: "Eish.. Tak malu minta girl belanja.." 

He had been doing half of my experiment and being very, very patient with me all this while. Terima kasih Doktor. Allah rewards you best, Insya Allah^^


Ain invited me to join Daurah held by her usrah members. I'm not very clear what Daurah is all about actually. Ain said there will be Taklim and we will spend one night together. It sounded like Keluar Tabligh to me.. 

I'm having a paper to sit next Tuesday that I'm actually pretty hesitated about it. Notwithstanding, my heart leaps sky high upon the invitation, so I'm going~

I don't have "proper" pyjama for this kind of sleep over.. Nanti "ustazah2" marah. Hoo.. Next time must put long sleeve pyjama in the shopping list!

Buhbye Kichi, Buhbye Kitty. Mama tidur dengan kawan2 malam ni...

Dec 20, 2010

Fresh Breath

Trying to really get things refreshed.. One of those efforts is having a new layout, perhaps? Hee^^

I'm glad I finally have the courage to perform Istikharah that day.. I'm glad my heart finally touched deep by the meaning of Ma'al Hijrah prayers for this 1432.. It had past about a fortnight and to date till today, I have and even bolder trust in my decision, in myself.. I can feel the calmness. Alhamdulillah.. Notwithstanding, I did have many nights of crying and self- pitying previously, I admit.. Withal, kena kuat semangat~ Takmo tersengaja manjakan atau melemahkan diri sendiri lagi Taufiqah~

Some deeds are just very much worth done within the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Alhamdulillah:') Anyway, I have good material to be shared, welcome yourself to spend some time hand feeding about
First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah: Days of Virtue And Righteous Deeds..

I should be embarrassed upon myself... Afraid to do things I should actually do, not only as a girl, but as a muslim.. All those apprehensions of being alone, or desperate and worrying what people may say yet may gossip about, and even wondering how much I would envy others had been making me forget that what reality is LEAVING EVERYTHING TO ALLAH LEAVES NO DOUBT..
Insya Allah. It unquestionable is for HE is the Most Powerful, Most Knowing of EVERYTHING.

Wamakaru wamakarallah..

I thanked Kak Nani, Ain and Tika for their gentle talks and advices.. Yesterday when we talked again, I felt even stronger.. It makes me have more faith in me. Make things even firmer.

Abah told me that he and Emak felt touched with my decision.. Bg Ngah was quite shocked, howbeit very, very glad.. I'm not yet belong to anyone; be it in legal, what more religiously. I'm bonded to Allah and absolutely my family, and soon when I'm married, my husband is then the one who has the right on me on top of my family.. Felt terrible of how much I've been letting myself being deceived by my own parents and family wish:'(

I don't want to hurt anyone, and even myself anymore..

Semoga semuanya berlaku apa yang terbaik untuk kita bagi kita, dan apa yang terbaik untuk kita bagi Allah...

Dec 7, 2010

Ma'al Hijrah

I made vows.. most *well.. surely not all* are somewhat the same as the previous years..
Looking back through the years have passed, I felt sick.
Who have I become all this while.. what have I done..
Shame on me:'(


Allah.. Tolong lah. Bagi KEKUATAN!

New Year. New Me. A better MUSLIM.


Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1432..

May 14, 2010

A Medical student, a Chef^^

"pqa, dah tak tulis blog ke?"

That's my mum, my very dear mum.. We can talk on the phone as long as an hour and more to talk about almost everything on this face of earth, or even as short as 5 minutes just for her to tell me what's she's cooking or what she's doing when her cucu2 are not around or yes, calling me to ask about my blog:)

I remembered being such a chatterbox telling her lots of stories during my childhood.. Mulut banyak, sampai cikgu nak staple.. Huhu.. I've been to science boarding school since I was 13, till 17.. Then continue to stay outside for my A Level and now here.. Guess the only time I truly, deeply am entertaining Emak with my talks was during my childhood..

April 26: I bought a scooter.. Finally~ It's great to have another BIG thing bought totally by my own money.. Skip about the flight tickets or 2 years house payment or this and that expenses; this is the 2nd pride for me after my 7 million laptop bought during the end of my 1st year.. Rasa bangga sikit dengan diri sendiri. Alhamdulillah:')

To add for the good of it, I don't have to walk back to forth of campus and home, can avoid from getting migraine or photo-sensitivity, and I can go to places without having had to pay much on the taxi or burdening others:)

Nevertheless, bad thing is: I am officially "kekurangan duit" (i.e I'm broke. Wuuu~)

I've been trying to do some "job".. Sounds funny.. But I truly actually highly determine over it.. I sell kek batik and muffins
*not really a muffin, i guess. with the shape which is actually for puddings, and the decorations which are actually for cupcakes..huhu*

Tak banyak untung pun.. Tapi tak pelah..

A little to gratify, that day Lennad, Clem2, and Alia was talking about having a Kek Batik competition of which Lennad used my recipe for such^^

Well.. Been having terrible, hot fever. It comes with chilling and all I could remember is pain. pain. pain.. Allah bless me to have such a wonderful housemates, spending hours to look after me.. Massaging, wiping me up with wet towel, feeding me food, and even put on wudhuk for me.. A healthy me is truly a mangada- ngada girl, I can't explain more how much more I become when I'm sick..... Terima kasih housemates yang disayangi :')

*Mungkin blog ni dah macam mak cik penjual kuih punya je.. Abaikan. Huhu*

Apr 17, 2010

Cooking Class:)

I made chocolate muffin last week.. Nothing oh- so- amazing about making muffin, it's just this is the 1st time I tried making it by steaming.. I altered the recipe making chocolate more dominant so the color was truly chocolate..Chocoliciousss~ Making muffin (or cake) through baking will give a somewhat crispy texture outside, and soft inside.. While steaming will give an all- over soft texture.. I don't mind much, it still taste just nice. At least I don't have to lament much for not having an oven since 1st year:')

Quite a number of people asking for the recipe that I've been thinking to put the recipe here before. But hesitate as I believe many already know how to make it.. But then, I don't think there's anything wrong about this.. Many people put their recipe online, no matter how easy it is, no matter they are truly a chef or housewife, let be men or women.. Plus, I know many people who like to search recipes on the net.. May be mine can contribute to anyone out there:)



  • Marie biscuits (around 300- 350g)
  • 2 sachets of 3 in 1 milo (total around 60g)
  • 1 cup of plain water (i usually make it half)
  • half cup to 1 cup of cocoa powder
  • 3/4 (three quarters) cup of sugar
  • half packet of butter/ margarine *i usually use margarine. it's cheaper. don't worry, the taste will be just fine:)*
  • eggs ( 1 or 2, any is okay)


  • the measurement for cocoa powder, milo, and sugar are subjects to change. alter it depend to how u like the taste to be:)
  • some people like their cake to be little harder.. so can decrease the butter n the water, n also by chilling the cake longer:) or the other way round:)
  • egg is actually not a compulsory. it's my extra, additional ingredients:)

  1. break the marie biscuits into 3, 4, or 5.. put aside.. *please.. not crushing them*
  2. prepare the egg. stir them a bit, then put aside.. *no need to stir "sampai kembang".. we are not making anything fluffy like real cake or what..*
  3. put cocoa, milo, sugar, n water together into the pan.
  4. then turn on the fire *moderate fire*, stir the mixture till the sugar are all melt, n all mixed together..
  5. then put the butter/ margarine, stir till all melting..
  6. finally put the egg. stir for a minute, then turn off the fire.*remember, u r not cooking the egg...*
  7. now put all the biscuits into the pan, mix them together, make sure all the biscuits are covered with the chocolate..
  8. then transfer them into the container.. press them well, then put into the refrigerator for 3 to 5 hours. u can take it out earlier, depend on the texture u want.. nak lembut sikit or keras sikit:)
p/s: just to share, another additional ingredients can be nestum, oat, or even nuts.. that's the other story:)

Simple, right? Trust me, later when this is at ur fingertips, you'll love doing it again and again as despite it's easy to make, it really is YUMMY^^

*I don't really do this often actually cuz the type of cocoa powder n biscuits marie I usually use are quite expensive.. at least, to me, they are expensive.. huhu*

Feb 16, 2010

With Love

I made a surprise for Emak's birthday. It's so special especially as it's a long distance surprise I made=) During my homecoming to Malaysia that day, I prepared her birthday gifts and chocolate, wrapped them decently, and placed them nicely at a quite hidden place. I went back to Jogja on Feb 2, so waiting for Feb 9 to come was such a desperate moment... Hee^^

I called Mak a night before as my brother would take her for vacation to Cameron for her birthday the next day=)

I told her nicely where she could hunt for her gifts.. From her voice, I believe Emak was so happy.. There was another gift after she had opened the 1st gift.. It was her favorite chocolate=) I've tried my best to hide it in the freezer. I've been worrying that anyone found it before this day came.Hehe.. Mak was so touched and appreciate it a lot.. Wish I can be at home at that moment, and have her hugs and kisses, as what I usually surely get.......

Happy Birthday Mak..
Semoga panjang umur, hidup sihat dan senang, murah rezeki, dimudahkan semua urusan..

Pqa sayang Mak..