Dec 20, 2011

"Bab akhlaq je pun~" Eh??

"..tentang akhlaq je..."


I've heard such statements (or anything similar to it) numbers of times, which got me thinking, is it akhlaq is something so simple?

 إنما بعثت لأتم صالح الاخلق 
"I am sent to accomplish the pious moral."

”Sesungguhnya aku diutus untuk menyempurnakan akhlak yang sholeh”.
(Rasulullah s.a.w)
(HR. Bukhari; shahih Bukhari kitab adab, Baihaqi; kitab syu’bil Iman & Hakim).

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ 
"We sent thee not (Muhammad), but as a mercy for all creatures."

“Dan tiadalah Kami mengutus kamu Muhammad, 
melainkan untuk (menjadi) rahmat bagi semesta alam”.
(Al-Anbiya’: 107)


A brief conclusion from the two great quotes above would be the fact that good akhlaq brings rahmat; mercy, grace, bless..

Mixing up with variety kind of people, of different background, different faith, different perspective of life, there is this one thing I realized most people would really honour for:


Or you can pronounce it as morality, virtue, manners..

Akhlaq, like "Aqidah", of which many would see it as "something so basic" and tend to consciously or subconsciously forget its significances, hence always missed out to highlight and pay a proper attention to..

Aqidah and akhlaq are both the basic in Islam. Whilst basic refers to foundation.. Imagine a building without a foundation. We are busy making the building higher and higher, busy to beautify the building, busy to fill in the building, but seem to put aside the strength of its foundation. What happen to the building? Easily blown by wind, easily crashed by wave..

Some of us directly or indirectly make religious as a guideline to practice good manners, be it the muslims or non- muslims. Some of us are grown that way; due to the way how they are being raised, or the surrounding. Some of us are indeed born with such beautiful heart and mind, producing beautiful characteristics.

 "Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad s.a.w), you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much."

 “Sesungguhnya telah ada pada (diri) Rasulullah itu suri tauladan yang baik bagimu (iaitu) bagi orang yang mengharap (rahmat) Allah dan (kedatangan) hari kiamat dan Dia banyak menyebut Allah”.

(Al Ahzab, 21)

Abu Bakar r.a admitted the syahadah through Rasulullah s.a.w, his bestfriend. That time, there's not much glorious stories of Islam Rasulullah told or could tell him. Not much history of legendary and great wars to amaze and convince him about the truth of Islam like what we have today through the flaming, soul- awakening stories of the battle of Badr or Battle of Khandaq, the victorious stories of Sahaba, etc..

He's entittled as "As Siddiq",  one who always justify what is said by Rasulullah.. He's not being so towards Rasulullah simply, plainly because they are bestfriend. He knows he does the right thing the fact that he recognize what kind of person Rasulullah really is. His descendant, his livehood, and yes indeed, his akhlaq.. And it was his faith to Allah and Rasulullah that pulled him into the confidence to live and work his life for Islam. It was from that which lead to his openness and readiness to sacrifice for Islam. For Allah.
Mus'ab, the first ambassador in Islam might not win the heart of Muhajirin and Ansar only through his fluency in talking or his handsome and charming look. To especially born and raised in a noble and rich family, he's known for his praiseworthy manners, akhlaq..

Look back at those days under the ruling of Rasulullah and the Caliphs.. The empire of Islam was filled with rahmat due to beautiful akhlaq of the people. The muslims and non- muslims able to live together peacefully..
Aisyah r.a once asked Rasulullah s.a.w about one non- muslim man they know named Ibn Jaddan,

"O the beloved of Allah, Ibn Jaddan always create the bonding of fraternity, feed the poor, being kind to neighbors and good in serving his guests. Don't those good deeds bring rewards (pahala)?

Rasulullah s.a.w said,

"O Aisyah, he had never pray for Allah to forgive his sins in the hereafter."

(HR Muslim, Ibnu Hibban, Hakim and Ahmad)

We may have better and deeper understanding about Islam than others. We may realize more about our purpose of living and our responsible. Nevertheless, that doesn't guarantee us that we truly have better manners than others..

"Amal ma'ruf and nahi mungkar"  and being a better person are two different things. One doesn't have to be perfect till he or she can advice and ask others for good. Yet being good alone is not enough. Imagine living in a house as a truly good person whilst outside, crimes are floating around here and there. Comfortable enough..? These two things are separated, howbeit have to come together..

Let's improve our manners. Together we polish our akhlaq. Insya Allah, Allah will open the door of Rahmat wider for us. Amin Amin Amin..

We are the slave of Allah. We are the muslims (mukmin, insya Allah). We are the ummah of Muhammad.

Ummat Muhammad boleh~

Oct 9, 2011

A Radiant Building

"Andai Islam seperti sebuah bangunan usang yang hampir roboh,maka akan aku berjalan ke seluruh dunia mencari jiwa-jiwa muda. Aku tidak ingin mengutip dengan ramai bilangan mereka, tapi aku inginkan hati-hati yang ikhlas untuk membantuku dan bersama membina kembali bangunan yang usang itu menjadi sebuah bangunan yang tersergam indah" 
-Imam As-Syahid Hassan Al-Banna-

"If Islam is the old building which is about to fall down, then I will walk all over the world searching for the young souls. I won't be gathering them by their huge numbers, but I want sincere hearts to help me and together rebuild the old falling building becoming a building of a radiant beauty." 
 -Imam al-Shahid Hasan al-Banna-

No need to take huge topic to talk about; Israel- Palestine issue, Hudud issue, the Cavalry Church issue, etc etc etc..

And we don't have to go out to see how much we, ourselves had been pulling out the block of our precious building, making it brittle more and more.. Just open our laptop, and there's no need to google or find this and that website to see thing contributing to the crumbly effect towards Islam- just check our facebook. Frankly speaking, no need to search for non muslim pages. Just check on our friendlist.. Boys and girls of no limit in socializing- which is a great norm these days.. Dressing out of modesty according to Syara'.. And proudly exposing those..


The hidayah of Allah is a tremendously great treasure of which it won't reach us by us only waiting and expecting it to reach us by chance. Come, switch the button on. Grab the call. Open our heart, devote ourselves to Him, keep letting Him know how much we admit to our syahadah, to Him.. The more we ignore His call, the more He'll forget us.. Nauzubillah..

Lets improve ourselves towards a blessed betterment, and improve our religion.

Together. Rebuild the ummah. The strong, great ummah of Rasulullah s.a.w. Make this precious religion of Allah becoming an indeed beautiful radiant building.
Ummat Muhammad boleh~

May 8, 2011

Emak Saya dan Saya

When I was 5, I wanted to be 9..
To join in the so- called cool friends playing outdoors..
When I was 9, I wanted to be 13..
To get in the so- called grown up secondary school..
When I was 13, I wanted to be 17..
To feel the tremendously famous sweet 17 life..
When I was 17, I wanted to be 24..
That's the age I planned to get married since I was kindergarten..

Now I'm 23..
I wish I can be younger..

To have Emak waking me up in the morning.. Asking me to perform my fajr prayer.. And even bathing me..
Preparing Nasi Lemak, karipap, or kuih Koci for breakfast..
Serving donut, cakes, or at least keropok for tea time..
Indulging us with finger- licking good lunch and dinner..
To have two types of mee goreng or nasi goreng: either satu pedas, satu kurang pedas.. Or satu ada seafood and belacan, satu tak ada seafood and belacan.. So much for having a dozen of kids with some of them having allergic on certain things.. And yes, fussy on certain things..

To have Emak telling me stories, and hear me talking like a chatterbox, non stop pouring things out..
To have Emak sewing our baju raya and even beautiful flowery and lacey pyjamas..
To have Emak teaching me how to cook this and that lauk, how to bake this and that cakes and kuih muih..
To have Emak making biskut raya and let me be the 2nd chef..

Too much to list all......

Mak.. Pqa sedih dulu2 pqa dapat baju "tak berapa cantik" sebab (kena) beralah dengan Kak Nun, Kak Nah, and even Baby and Darling.. Tapi pqa lagi sedih teringat previously, bila pqa dapat pilih sendiri baju, pqa tak pilih yang "proper".. Proper for a muslim girl.. Dah buat mak lagi sedih.. Pqa minta maaf sangat:'(

Mak.. Pqa sedih bila mak dan semua somehow push pqa on things.. Tapi pqa lagi sedih bila sedar pqa degil atas benda yang tak sepatutnya.. Dah buat mak lagi sedih.. Pqa minta maaf sangat:'(

Now I'm 23..
I wish I can be younger..
But I want time to move the way it indeed is should.. So I can continue improving myself and grabbing all the chances to please my dear Emak.. Make you happy.. Make you proud..

And for I want to be a mother too..
And do all those beautiful things you've done as one.
To be a wonderful mother- Like you.

Mak adalah emak yang paaaaaaling best di dunia~

Pqa sayang Mak..
Saaaaaaayang sangat2..

*Happy Mother's Day*
"Dan Kami perintahkan kepada manusia (berbuat baik) kepada dua orang ibu bapanya;ibunya telah mengandungnya dalam keadaan lemah yang bertambah- tambah, dan menyapihnya dalam dua tahun. BERSYUKURLAH KEPADAKU DAN KEPADA KEDUA ORANG IBU BAPAMU, HANYA KEPADAKULAH KEMBALIMU." (Al-Luqman, 14)

Apr 22, 2011

Doctor for Doctor

Selsema, demam, batuk, sakit kepala..

Yesterday was a wonderful day to me, eventhough I was terribly sick.

Morning routine, operations time~ I got myself involved fully in 3 surgeries and being an observer in several others. 2 of those were pediatric cases; Hernia and Axillary tumor. My hands were pretty numb as I've been doing face- mask and bagging for both of the operations. A little exhausting. Nevertheless, we had new residents (senior doctors who's in practical to be a specialist) for surgery that day. Like usual, all of them are male doctors, but this time, more mature. They love teasing on things, but the good part is, they do teach me so so many things and talk a lot of which creating a less stressful condition..

On the evening, I went to the Emergency Unit and have the doctor there checked me up. I sat in front of the doctor, say nothing, looking at him dengan muka kesian..

"Fiqa, kenapa?"
"Tolong periksa.. Sakit.."

He laughed.
He smiled all the time he checked me up.
One of the surgery resident was also there. Quite embarrassed.
He called up my name, and all I could do was smile weakly and waved at him.
Rasa sangat lembik.. Malu.....

I had my throat being checked, my temperature, etc.. All the things I, myself did to other patients except that he could prescribed me medications of which I still can't as that's not my competencies yet..

At night, Nani asked me what do I want to eat for dinner, I couldn't name any. No appetite for anything. Adeline told me that I should eat anything I feel like eating, they'll try to get it. I simply said Pizza, of which it's actually pretty hard as we don't have transport to go around here and we are so new to this placeT_T Suddenly Joshlyn and Kak Wan Nab came and handed us strawberry juice and Pizza. Smoke Chicken BBQ~ Terima kasih Ya Allah~ Nani went back a while later, bringing back isotonic drink, chicken satay and fried mushroom. Semangat makan. Sedap. Orang belanja pulak tu.. Alhamdulillah:')

No operations on Friday. Besides consuming lots of drugs, I did have lots of sleep. Ish.. Did homework with Adeline and Bowo, and went to do pre operation visits by 2pm to 4.430pm. I didn't join the cito (on call for emergency operation) going on right now.. Went back to get myself refreshed. Will go to Emergency Unit after this.

I've just read one letter posted by a husband to a doctor about HO in Malaysia. It freaks and upsets me especially that I'm now sick..

It's not a new thing actually.. We are all well informed about it as I've been hearing the same thing since years, years, years ago.. Tsk.

Here, I don't sense things I've been hearing a lot in Malaysia, at least that's what I've been experiencing so far.. Alhamdulillah, the hospital I'm placed now is such a bless from Allah. The doctors, even the specialists are very nice. They guide and teach us things in ways I feel my self very much comfortable with. Even the nurses, with 25 years of experience are also truly wonderful and humble. Besides teaching me things (the experienced nurses also help the residents, and I never see them teaching them in such arrogant manner..), they even love to share me tips on gaining more weight and about marriage.. Ho Ho.

We doctors are human too, don't we? We do need "doctors" for ourselves, no matter in what aspect.. Setiap dari sifat Allah tu ada sikit (sikit sangat2) pada setiap hambanya.. Salah satu kan adalah sifat Allah yang Maha Penyembuh.. A tiny little part of that is within us, within you, within me. Respect, love, and try our best to understand each other..

Insya Allah..

Apr 12, 2011

A Caliph to A Caliph

Waking up as early as 3.30am, meeting Him, revising things, getting ready, take small breakfast, prepare some meal as my lunch in a tupperware, then make myself presents in the Anesthesiology department at 6.30am.. Went back home at 4pm..
At night, revising things, and sleep around 10pm..
And the cycle goes..

By this Thursday, besides the usual 6.30am to 4pm (certain days would be 2pm) schedule, there'll be On Callsss, i.e staying in my department by 2pm to 7am on my scheduled duty..


I was quite upset to see Hanim went to our Liqa' yesterday with Alia and Ruhi.. I miss our usrah.. I especially miss Hanim, Tika, and adik2 usrah yang menyejukkan mata memandang.. Tika is also in the 1st wave, but she's in a different group, hence different department.. Being away from these two ladies I feel my heart and my soul are so much attached with is honestly harder than I ever thought it'll ever be:'( Ada hikmah Allah "pisahkan" Pqa dengan Hanim dan Tika.. I believe Hanim will do great in her remedial. Will definitely see her in the next 2 months, Insya Allah! Praying for the rest of my other housemates either.. Allahumma amin..

I was quite upset that I hardly can perform religious routine I usually do.. No more tahajjud the way I love to have.. I cry of pitying myself able not to present myself as whole to Him instead of the usual long story- telling and sobbing cry with Him.. I miss those moments.. I miss talking a lot to Him.. Telling Him all that I feel. All that I want to share. I always have stories to pour out to. Anything. Everything....

Is it true, 24 hours is enough for a day...?
Is being a doctor is wrong as I seem to able not to fully devote myself to Him...?


There's a story about Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz, the great leader entitled as the 5th Khulafa' Ar Rasyidin which is famously known upon his righteousness.
Story about a responsible and time..

At that time, the caliph was just laying down to take a rest after the death ceremony of the former caliph, Sulaiman bin Malik. Just as he laid himself down, a 17 year- old young man approached him and asked,

"What are you going to do O Amirul Mukminin?"

"Allow me to take a nap. I'm extremely exhausted till there's almost no might left in me."

"Are you going to sleep before you actually return things you've taken by force from the owner, O Amirul Mukminin?"

"By the time of Zuhr, I'll return those things to the respected owners."

"Who give you a guarantee that you are still alive till the time past this Zuhr, O Amirul Mukminin?"

*The young man who gave such a rejoinder is Abdul Malik, the prince of Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz himself..
Like father like son.. Masya Allah..*


A king to a human is actually his heart. A caliph. We are created by The Great Al Khaliq as two:
To perform ibadah to Him, and to be a caliph.

Each of us is a caliph with respected specialties, assets, and strength. Allah Maha Adil. Maha Pemurah. Maha Mengetahui. Maha Bijaksana. Segala galanya.. He knows best what characteristics and assets fit us most. He knows what we are able to take. He knows what we deserve to have.. He knows best what we should take and do..

Fortune from Allah can be istidraj, Nauzubillah.. One of the way to avoid this is to take care of the caliph within us.. Our heart.

"The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses (this Qur'an) are recited unto them, they (i.e. the Verses) increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone)."
(Al Anfal, 2.) 

My personal most favorite book. The best of book with the best of references. About anything, everything..

Look in the mirror, ask ourselves; we, the caliph on this face of earth:
"O Amirul Mukminin, how good have I use the time I have and do the responsible I should actually do?"

Let's try our best, try to the fullest to use what He blessedly pour us with.
Make those as asbab, as wasilah to make us worth created by Him.
Worth to live as what He selected as for.
Make any tests, gloominess, or difficulties lies within as a motivation to polish our assets.
To make He loves us more and more..



Apr 6, 2011

I need My Guardian

It's the last day of my orientation for the clinical rotation.. Except for the 1st day, the rest of the other days are of which I've been having these gloomy feeling deep inside..

I don't know who I can actually talk to.. Express my feeling to..
Feel like wearing a mask of a happy care- free face whilst having such a crying, shivering heart inside:'(

Rasa nak bawa bekal, picnic dekat tepi air terjun........

Indeed, Allah knows how much I'm very grateful and happy for being selected to enter the 1st wave of Ko'as. I'm excited as much as how I'm all bubbled upon any wonderful thing can ever happen to me.. 

Alhamdulillah..  Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah..

Nonetheless, I'm scared..
Very scared..

My first department would be Anesthesiology and Reanimation, starting this Monday..
Rabbi yassir wala tuassir..

O Allah.. I need You.. As I always do, always.
In every second that the clock ticks.In every breath that I take.. In every detail of life that I have..
You are the Best of Guardian.. With The Best of Care and Love..
You own me, everything of me.
To You I serve my soul, my heart, my life to.

Taufiqah takmo nangis dah. Taufiqah kuat. Kuat. Kuat. Kuat!


Apr 2, 2011

With Allah's Great Love and Mercy

Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah..

Absolutely not in Malaysian spelling~

Officially entitled as "Doktor Muda" on the very blessed Friday, 1st of April.. During our "Janji Doktor Muda" i.e Ko'as oath ceremony, I somehow finally had a proper and significant head- shot realizing me about my big responsibility.. This clinical rotation is not mainly about having our practical for educational purpose or for the sake of completing our bachelor as whole, but it's also about taking a responsibility to actually be a medium in treating illness or diseases..

People whose job is actually to become the medium for the asbab upon 
the real one and only one Great Healer: 


Doctors may look nerd and serious.. But indeed, we do laugh and play like others:)

Tak ada salji dekat sini, tapi ada banyak bakti:)

Pegang hati dan jiwa kami Ya Allah, dengan sebaik baik pegangan dariMu..
Mantapkan hati dan jiwa kami dalam melaksanakan amanah untukMu..
Bantu kami memberi manfaat dengan menggunakan kelebihan kami dariMu..
Sokong kami untuk sentiasa menjadi lebih baik dan sentisa berada dalam redhaMu..
Ikhlaskan diri kami dan sucikanlah niat kami..
Jangan Kau biarkan kami mengerjakan tanggungjawab kami dan menjalani kehidupan kami tanpa jagaanMu walaupun sedetik..

Allahumma amin..

Mar 2, 2011

Allah, Most Loving, Most Gracious^^

25th of February 2011

Batch Dinner. Totally managed by us, batch 2007.. To gather in such a way where everyone was there at one place, dine together, taking photos, reminiscing times we've been through whilst having slide shows of our photos and videos since we were in our 1st year till now, 4th year- my heart melting, sobbed..

I love us..

These are people I've been teaming up with since we were doing our A- Level in 2006. Here we are, growing together.. Now we've ended our theoretical years, will very soon start our Ko'as years. That time, everyone will be very much separated from each other, busy with the clinical rotations.. No more typical us- to- us grouping or leasuring around..

Cepatnya masa berlalu..


26th of February 2011

Had somewhat a rehlah in Ketep with my usrah members. Akhawat Jakarta came over either. Dalam 40 akhawat berkumpul untuk tadabbur alam & mengeratkan ukhwah:)

We went to indulge our eyes with an indeed overwhelming beauty scenery on top of the hill then went to the waterfall.. Been loving waterfall since I were a kid.. And trust me, Ketep sangat cantik.. Subhanallah..

We had quizzes on Sirah, Tafsir, Hadiths, and current issues.. I envy my juniors.. They know a lot.. A lot.. Must do more reading and improve my understanding about Islam. More, more, and more!

We had our lunch together, performing Zohor prayer in jema'ah, then headed back home..  
Sangat penat, tapi sangat2 happy:')

"Sahabat handai pada hari tersebut (kiamat) bermusuhan antara satu sama lain, kecuali golongan yang bertakwa." Al-Zukhruf, 67


28th of June 2011

Had my Pandadaran. It's a thesis presentation which is a requirement for our so- called theoretical convocation. Must wear black and white.. Hurm.. Been working on it till the very deep of my bone. This thesis thingy had been taking pretty much a big toll on me. Sangat2 banyak masa dan duit untuk salah satu perkara duniawi niT_T Now it's done. Done. Done. Done!

Doctors inside the room behind me~

I got A.
Mumtaz! Alhamdulillah~ 

Have that sort of a little proud to see my humble work being published as a book^^

 Semoga Allah berkati usaha atas benda ni, kecil atau besar.. Semoga dapat jadi salah satu wasilah untuk bagi kebaikan pada diri sendiri dan ummah.. 
Allahumma amin..




My block 4.3 result had been announced today. Been waiting for the result so long.. The post I had about me having these papers were dated around 1 month (plus) ago.. That's my university.. Had been "sangat cekap" in marking paper  since we were in our 1st year till now..

Well.. Got A for Coma and Disorders of Altered Consciousness and
A/B for Forensic Pathology. 

Mumtaz^^ Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah~


Will be delivering the topic of Tauhid for our usrah.. Study. Study. Study!


5th & 6th of March: Daurah, "Syahadatul Haq"

Tahukah anda tugas seorang SAKSI?


6th of March: Home. Malaysia~

Feb 23, 2011

Bliss of Love

Done with OSCE.. Alhamdulillah.. To review things back, I'm quite upset with my performance for "Eye Examination" of elderly for Glaucoma case. Nevertheless, I'm pretty glad with my performance for "Antenatal Care" and "Baby Delivery".. The rest of other stations, hurm, hurm, hurm..

The fact is, things had actually been written there earlier ever.. Anything that happen is just the asbab for every logical perspective we, human may able to accept.. Ingat konsep rezeki, konsep usaha dan tawakkal, konsep yakin kepada Qada' dan Qadar~

This OSCE COMPRE is the closing curtain of our theoretical years.. In less than 2 months, we are going to start our KO'AS year. Doktor muda~

As I can't wear niqab in the hospital, I somehow realize that my patients later won't recognize me if they bump into me outside of the hospital. I wonder if they can recognize me through my eyes.. Hurm.. Tak tahu nak rasa sedih atau rasa lawak.. Ho ho..

Well.. Time seems to move quite fast.. We are now busy with Batch Magazine, Batch Dinner, Batch Outing.. Extra things for some of us, for me, we can get ourselves pleasurably busy with usrah and daurah.. Having dinner last night with my usrah members, including the juniors, making me non stop reminiscing all those years I have before I ever reach to this point. Rindu zaman 1st year:')

There are times, I wish I can turn back the clock..
There are times, I wish I can pause the ticking of the time passes by..
Anyhow then, setiap benda yang jadi ada hikmahnya..
Baik atau buruk..

Memories and histories are there for us to manage.
Either we manage them good or otherwise..

Wamakaru Wamakarallah..

O Allah.. In every breath that I have, in every action that I take, In every words that I say, in every decision that I make, please help me to make those happening in ways You like, You bless and always becoming those of which making You love me more and more.. Allahumma amin..

You are the Most Knowing of everything, Most Loving, Most Gracious..

Now the almost 1 month- semester break is officially started for us, it's time to read booksss I've been pending to read, room- service, dedicate myself for our usrah and daurah, then get ready to go back home^^ 


Feb 17, 2011


Was studying and practicing Baby Delivery for my very soon OSCE COMPRE and I found this video in my practical's folder..

The significant to recite Al Quran (or Zikr) to baby in a mother's womb..

Hurm.. The way how we are created is amongst the greatest miracle ever. From conception to birth, living this life, growing, then die..

Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah.. Allahuakbar..

Let's go back to our "fitrah".. Let's be grateful and try our best to be in line of why Allah created us at the 1st place.. Let's work to the fullest towards Him!

*Human brain development begin during the embryonic development and continue till birth. Support and nurture this growth with the best of "nutritions".*

Semoga dapat melahirkan lebih ramai ummat yang dimuliakan Allah.


O Allah, if my excellency in this OSCE COMPRE can be one of the many wasilah for me to fulfill the Muwasafat Tarbiyyah, to be functional for Your Deen, to be one of the Caliph with one of the many respected assets You love so much,
I beg for Your greatest love, bless, support, and guidance to go through this well.

Semoga semua kami Intermed 2007 dapat buat sehabis baik!

Shaping up to be the top of the cream Doctors.
Allahumma amin..

Feb 15, 2011

O Love, O Rasulullah..

Reminiscing someone..
One with an- almost perfect characteristics..
One with all the good things can be listed on this face of earth..
One who become the best of reference and deliver the best of such..

"Philosopher, orator, apostle, legislator, warrior, conqueror of ideas, restorer of rational dogmas, of a cult without images; the founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire, that is Muhammad.  As regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured, we may well ask, 
is there any man greater than he?"

"If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and outstanding results are the 3 criteria of human genius, who could dare to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad?"
(L'histoire de la Turquie, 1854, vol II p. 276)

"I wanted to know the best of one who holds today's undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind.. I became more than convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to this friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the 2nd volume (of the Prophet's biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of the great life."
(Mahatma Gandhi, in Young India)

If only you were here..
For me to blessedly feel your beautiful love..
For me to pour mine to you..
For me to see you directly to ask things, to hear stories..
For me to have the best of assistance on what should I do, should I decide..

How I envy those Sahaba ra who could be with you..
Have your presence..
Have you around them..

May Allah forgive my taubat.. All of those stupid, sinful and worthless doings I've done:'(
May Allah forgive the taubat of all the ummah of Muhammad..
So it won't be a shame for me, for us to see him..
And we won't embarrassed him..
So we can bring pride to him..
Bring all the great feelings, as much as all he'd been letting us to feel..
Allahumma amin..

Send my love to my very dear Rasulullah O Allah..
Send our love to him..
Send the very deep tender of Asy Syauq we have in our heart, our soul towards him..

Al 'Isyqu ila Rasulullah...

 Salam Maulidur Rasul..

Feb 12, 2011

In mind, heart, and soul. Rindu..

How lucky we are, to be in the midst of living a life as a muslim, in the midst of crowd of muslims, in the midst of the ummah of Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w (peace be upon him), and being one..
"Kamu (wahai umat Muhammad) adalah sebaik-baik umat yang dilahirkan bagi (faedah) umat manusia, (kerana) kamu menyuruh berbuat segala perkara yang baik dan melarang daripada segala perkara yang salah (buruk dan keji), serta kamu pula beriman kepada Allah (dengan sebenar-benar iman). Dan kalaulah Ahli Kitab (Yahudi dan Nasrani) itu beriman (sebagaimana yang semestinya), tentulah (iman) itu menjadi baik bagi mereka. (Tetapi) di antara mereka ada yang beriman dan kebanyakan mereka: orang-orang yang fasik."
(Alii Imran, 110)

Blessed. Alhamdulillah.. 

Countdown to 12 Rabi'ul Awwal (15th of  February 2011).
Birthday and death date of a man deserved most to be loved.
Rasulullah s.a.w..

Feb 10, 2011

Take Good Care. Jagalah..

Had a talk about communication and relation between men and women with Ain and Tika of which I realized there are so many things to be corrected, to be fully managed..
One of the level in "Maratib al- Marhabah" (Tahapan cinta) is As-sobabah i.e empathy, which is the level of marhabah dedicated amongst the muslims..

Ever wonder how much we've go beyond this? Beyond the border?
Communicate with non mahram on unnecessary things..
Directly or indirectly having ta'aruf at time and on reasons we shouldn't have to..
Use inappropriate manners according to what Allah had lined us with..


Jauhkan lah Ya Allah, dari kami membawa kemudharatan antara satu sama lain:'(

Every muslim has responsible to each other. Each of us.. Together we help the ikhwan to be a truly good and respected muslim, mukmin. And help the akhwat to be a truly wonderful muslimat, mukminat.. Together we shape a splendid Fardhu Muslim for this ummah!

"Tidak ada seorangpun ynag meninggalkan keburukan yang ia rasakan nikmat, hanya kerana Allah, kecuali ia pasti menemukan gantinya dari Allah."
(Ibnu Sirin)
Ummat Muhammad kuat! Allahumma amin. 


Ikhtilat merupakan suatu bentuk pergaulan secara bebas yang melibatkan lelaki dan perempuan yang ajnabi. Ia merupakan suatu bentuk pergaulan yang ditegah oleh Islam. Sesungguhnya mengambil mudah persoalan ikhtilat boleh membuka ruang maksiat yang berleluasa dalam masyarakat tanpa kita sedari. 

Adakah salah seorang nisa' dan rijal menjaga maruah dan pergaulannya. Bercakap, berurusan, berjumpa dan berbincang atas keperluan? Adakah salah bagi seorang nisa' terutamanya menegaskan suaranya dan menjaga pandangan demi menjaga maruah dirinya.

Kalau dah bergaul dan bercampur bebas masakan kita mampu menahan dan menjaga pandangan. Usah menegakkan benang yang sememangnya basah. Ana bukanlah nak menghukum tanpa memberikan jalan penyelesaian. Jom kita berkongsi tip-tip berurusan dengan bukan muhrim:

Elakkan berhubungan dengan lelaki. Kalau ada peluang untuk minta bantuan dari nisa' (bagi nisa') dan rijal (bagi rijal), mintalah tolong mereka. Lainlah benda-benda di luar kudrat kita contohnya apabila nisa' minta bantuan rijal soal baiki latop, kereta dan perkara-perkara yang tak mampu dilakukan nisa'. Silalah mempergunakan kemahiran dan kepakaran yang ada. Begitu jugalah sebaliknya bagi rijal.

Andai terpaksa berhubung dengan bukan muhrim gunakanlah perantaraan berbentuk tulisan seperti sms, nota kecil dan sebagainya. Ringkaskan dan padatkan ayat-ayat. Tak perlulah meletakkan ikon senyum yang sememangnya comel. Tak perlu disertakan dengan gelak ketawa seperti huhu, haha, hihi, hikhik. Seolah –olah kanak-kanak tadika mengajar mengeja. Apatah lagi benda-benda lain yang kurang berfaedah.

Andai terdesak sangat untuk bercakap melalui telefon, jagalah suara anda terutama nisa' selari dengan tuntutan Al-Quran:

 "Wahai isteri2 nabi, kamu bukanlah seperti perempuan-perempuan lain jika kamu bertaqwa. Maka janganlah lemah lembutkan suara dalam berbicara, sehingga bangkit nafsu org yang ada penyakit dlm hatinya, tetapi ucapkanlah perkataan yg baik."
Takkanlah nak tunggu Allah menempelak kita dengan balaNya?

3. Tundukkan hati. Sepatutnya apabila kita berurusan dengan bukan muhrim kita perlu risaukan kemurkaanNya. Banyak-banyaklah berdoa semoga urusan dipermudahkan dan bebas daripada fitnah. Minta dariNya supaya dipelihara daripada panahan syaitan.

4. Tundukan pandangan. Jangan tertipu dgn matapelajaran kaedah berkomunikasi yang kita belajar "make eye contact with the person you're talking to". Melainkan dengan kaum sejenis. Teramatlah disarankan demi membina ukhwah yang kukuh. Berwaspada dengan konsep "dari mata turun ke hati". Tak bermakna tundukan pandangan sehingga jalan terlanggar tiang.

Mempercepatkan urusan. Apabila ada urusan, segerakanlah kerja. Tak perlulah sampai hendak berkongsi hal peribadi, luahan hati, gelak ketawa dan sebagainya yang tidak penting. Berbincanglah di tempat yang sesuai dan segerakan urusan. Jangan lupa peneman anda.


May we able to create "biah solehah" in the "redho" of Allah.

"Kongsi dan curahkan mesra, manja & dll dengan yang sepatutnya dan selayaknya sahaja."

A reminder, sure- fire to me and to all of us. 
Insya Allah.