Nov 21, 2013


Dan bacakanlah (wahai Muhammad) di dalam kitab Al Quran ini perihal Maryam, ketika dia memencilkan diri dari keluarganya di sebuah tempat sebelah timur.

Kemudian Maryam membuat dinding untuk melindungi dirinya dari mereka maka Kami hantarkan kepadanya Ruh dari Kami lalu ia menyamar diri kepadanya sebagai seorang lelaki yang sempurna bentuk kejadiannya.

Maryam berkata: Sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada (Allah) Ar Rahman daripadamu, kalaulah engkau seorang yang bertaqwa.

(Maryam, 19: 16- 18)

Maryam, a girl known well, very well, not only to almost every soul in this dunnya, but far across the arasy'. A woman, so precious she is that a surah is named after her and her story is being told over and over again in many other surah in the Quran. A woman, so noble not only with that golden blood running in her veins, but also for the fact that she's positioned in the very same line among the woman promised for a an absolute secured guarantee for a place in Jannah, and indeed, a special place to Allah.

So famous she is whilst ironically, for the truth- she's a woman most covered,
best well- kept secret ever.

Such a clean girl. No dirt.



"ketika dia memencilkan diri dari keluarganya"

She was born from the fruits of hope, promise, and prayer beyond for the sake of the continuation of the zurriyyat- greater it is, for the sake of the Deen, for Allah. She was placed away, far, far away from the hectic and chaos of dunnya and she, herself was being honest with it. She pulled herself away from those either. There's no such thing that she had herself stood for rebel or anything as such upon what was being decided by her mother and by her uncle Nabi Zakaria. She was placed far, far from the superficial guardian of hers.

What do we, the ladies do when we are away from our family? From our guardian? How do we behave? How do we dress ourselves as? How do we socialize?

Let Maryam teaches us..

"Maryam membuat dinding untuk melindungi dirinya dari mereka"

Literally, it was a place she hides in, giving her shades and protection. Nabi Zakaria built her a small house for her to live her life, for her to perform her 'ibadah.

Nonetheless, highlight there- the statement saying Maryam builds a wall while we know from the story, his uncle Nabi Zakaria who won the voting upon being her guardian was the one who built the house for her. Could it mean a young girl like her helping out, lifting up bricks assisting the construction of the house for her to live in?

It's more than just those building we can vividly think of, really.. It's the wall, a barrier Maryam created on her own, to protect herself from "them". Talk about those that often drag us, the ladies from where we are supposed to stand still at; alluring fashionable clothes, dresses, jeweleries, high heels..

"maka Kami hantarkan kepadanya Ruh dari Kami lalu ia menyamar diri kepadanya sebagai seorang lelaki yang sempurna bentuk kejadiannya."

And yes, another thing a girl is undeniably often being tested with- guys (hot guys, to be exact..). 

We should admit this, don't we? The guys we secretly admire of, guys we saw or met even for a few minutes but already have their faces and figures floating in our mind, guys that give us heavy hot blush and heart thump, guys we shout out loud for, guys we spend some or a lot of time with and of whom crowding our heart and soul, leaving only a little space for Allah to conquer our thoughts, our 'ibadah, our life..

Guys who make ladies fall and even give everything with no solid and Allah- permitted reasons.. Guys who make ladies; the non hijabis, hijabis, and even niqabis to have their dignity and shame directly or indirectly melts away, blurring or even go against the principle of pure ikhtilat..

So Maryam, tell us more. More. What kind of building it is? What kind of wall you made to protect yourself?

"Maryam berkata: Sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada (Allah) Ar-Rahman daripada (gangguan) mu kalaulah engkau seorang yang bertaqwa."

Her wall is made of avoidance. An escaped of avoidance.
It's made of the strong virtue of Iman, filled with the strong feeling of awareness and fear.

"Sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada (Allah) Ar Rahman.."

She's aware of her condition. Being a woman, which is logically weaker than a man. She's alone in her place. No doubt she's in fear. Fear to what can possibly done by a man towards a woman. And defenitely it is- fear to Allah. She aware of her status- a muslim woman. She made her effort anyhow. Big effort- hiding and at that moment, taking not even a single step or try to approach the guy. Not opening even a little inch of opportunity for him to get her. None. As for that, she then surrendered. No, not to the guy. Not to that handsome, perfect guy in front of her. To Allah. And she have a strong faith to the Most Loving Allah.

"..daripadamu kalaulah engkau seorang yang bertaqwa."

And she has faith to the guy too. To the pious, devoted guy- if that's who he is. 

There, Maryam does tell us a simple, basic criteria of "seorang yang bertaqwa". No such nonsense of aku mendambakan lelaki yang boleh menjadi imam etc, etc, etc.. At times, we don't have to wish or seeking so much for the pious man where it's enough for us to be able to spot them.

And you see, there's a possibility for a "good man" to somehow be anywhere around a girl, around girls, but strictly it is- no such thing that can pollute the atmosphere of taqwa. He will do nothing, as in n.o.t.h.i.n.g; in term of no whatever- whatsoever, small- the- matter and no- purpose talks or actions. If there's any, it's going to be significantly important, and it's fillah. 


"Allah melihat ke dalam hati para hambaNya. Dan didapatiNya hati Muhammad s.a.w adalah yang paling putih. Maka Allah memilih Nabi dan utusan yang membawa risalah penutupNya. Lalu Allah melihat lagi ke dalam hati para hambaNya, maka didapatiNya hati sahabat- sahabat Muhammad adalah yang paling jernih. Maka Dia pun menjadikan mereka sahabat yang mendukung dan menolongnya dalam menegakkan risalah."
(Abdullah ibn Mas'ud)

kita jaga diri k.

Putih, jernihkan diri kita, Allah akan atur kita untuk bersama dengan orang2 yang putih, jernih juga. Bersama hidup untukNya, bersama tsabat di jalanNya. Bersama di syurga.

Akh Ammar died at a young age, as a syahidullah, biidznillah.
No girls living in this dunnya deserves him, perhaps.
And Maryam, a virgin who was made pregnant, biidznillah, without a husband.
No guys living in this dunnya deserves her, perhaps..
-al fatihah-

Mar 3, 2013

Mr Caliph, where are you?

Dikisahkan ada seorang Khawarij yang datang menemui Ali bin Abi Thalib lalu berkata:

“Wahai khalifah Ali, mengapa pemerintahanmu banyak dikritik oleh orang tidak sebagaimana pemerintahannya Abu Bakar dan Umar?”

Saidina Ali Menjawab:

“Kerana pada zaman Abu Bakar dan Umar yang menjadi rakyat adalah aku dan orang-orang yang sepertiku, sedangkan rakyatku adalah kamu dan orang-orang yang seumpamamu.”

(Syarh Riyadhus Sholihin, 3/43, oleh Ibnu Utsaimin).



His name is Sultan Abdul Hamid. Two thrones gap before Sultan Abdul Majid. By 31st of August, 1876, he anchored the ruling of that time, as the caliph; in the midst of an extreme atmosphere- bitter taste cocktail of internal and external sidekicks, wars, and dirty agendas of the enemy of Islam to be exact.

He was hated and attacked much by the whole enemy of Islam- of which at that moment, they all united to bring him down, to bring Islam down.

"Ya Tuhanku aku mengetahui Engkau Yang Maha Esa dan tiada lain melainkan Engkau Yang Maha Esa,
Engkaulah Yang Maha Esa dan tiada yang lain
Ya Tuhanku pimpinlah aku dalam masa kepayahan ini
Ya Tuhanku, tolonglah aku dalam masa yang genting ini."
(Sultan Abdul Hamid, the caliph 1876- 1909) 

In 1897, after the 1st Zionist conference in Switzerland, of which they decided to make Palestine as the legal country of Israel (err...?) Sultan Abdul Hamid announced that the Jews were forbidden to come and stay in Palestine for more than 3 months. This was done within 1900.

The next year, two Jews leader came to negotiate with him, for him to allow the Jews to visit Palestine anytime and stay there as long as they wish to. They also requested for the Jews to be able to make a residential near to Al Quds. As an exchange, he was offered with the promises that they would help to settle total of 23 British gold pound debt of the empire of Uthmaniyyah, spending 230 million French gold to empower Uthmaniyyah's navy army to protect the caliph, and lending 35 million lira gold without interest to help improving the empire of Uthmaniyyah and to build Uthmaniyyah university in the holy land.

Well.. Despite all those alluring offers, Sultan Abdul Hamid firmly refused.

"Katakan kepada Yahudi biadap itu, hutang negara Uthmaniyyah bukan sesuatu yang memalukan. Perancis mempunyai hutang dan itu tidak menjejaskannya. Al Quds sebahagian daripada tanah Islam semasa Umar bin Al Khattab menakluk bandar itu dan aku tidak akan mencatat sejarah yang memalukan dengan menjual tanah suci kepada Yahudi dan mengkhianati tanggungjawab dan kepercayaan rakyat. Yahudi boleh simpan wang mereka. Pemerintah Uthmaniyyah tidak akan berlindung di dalam istana yang dibuat dengan wang musuh- musuh Islam."

A year later, Theodor Hertzl; the leader of Zionism drive sent a delegation to buy Palestine from Sultan Abdul Hamid. Yes. Buying a country honey.. 150 million pounds sterling for the land of Palestine. They indeed rich, aren't they?

Again though, a big NO- NO from Sultan Abdul Hamid.

"Aku tidak akan melepaskan walaupun segenggam tanah ini kerana ianya bukan milikku, ianya hak Ummat Islam. Ummat Islam telah berjihad demi kepentingan tanah ini dan mereka telah menyiraminya dengan darah mereka. Yahudi boleh simpan wang dan harta mereka. Jika Daulah Islamiah dimusnahkan ada suatu hari, maka mereka boleh mengambil Palestin tanpa membayar harganya. Tetapi sementara aku masih hidup, aku lebih rela menusuk pedang ke tubuhku daripada melihat tanah Palestin dikhianati dan dipisahkan daripada daulah Islamiah. Ianya adalah sesuatu yang tidak akan berlaku, aku tidak akan memulakan pemisahan tubuh kami selagi kami masih hidup."

Negotiations failed. So they moved on with actions. Cheating, pretending, pushing, pressuring. Using the media to turn reality sidewise. Most prominent were the Biritish's fundamental of "Divide and Rule" along with the rose of Ittihat we Terrakki, lead by Mustafa Kamal At Tartuk. They managed to plant and made the spirit of nationalism grow- replacing the spirit of Deen.

So long when once upon the time, the Ummah would rise the flag of Lailahaillallah be it in Turkey, land of Arab, Spain, others.  We used to rule 2/3 of the world and only one flag was flown high. Forgetting slowly, aren't we? Now that it's the rise of the nation's spirit. That bonding was cut. Gently.

Sultan Abdul Hamid lost his throne as the caliph on 27th of April 1909. Mustafa Kamal At Tartuk on the other hand, who was appointed as the commander of the 19th brigade at Sinaq Qal'ah, managed to champion the hearts and gained supports of the people through the victorious, never- been- defeated battles they had against the British. He leveled up as a general in 1916.

Turkey made a deal with Britain in 21st of November 1922. It was the year where Sultan Abdul Majid received the responsible as the caliph- the Imam of the Ummah, after Sultan Muhammad V and VI. The Curzon's deal must be accepted for British army to leave Turkey. Mustafa Kamal At Tartuk signed the agreement on 24th of July 1923. It was toughly fought and debated by the Turkish Nasional Assembly and they did their best to maintain the caliphate's. More and more back up and supports given to Mustafa Kamal At Tartuk from the enemy of Islam means more and more pressures to the Muslimsme a threat of being killed or hanged as an exchange. Over time, the built to fight against the efforts to destroy the caliphate system turned into a fragile jelly.

Dan tepat pada pagi hari tanggal 03 Maret 1924, Majelis Nasional mengumumkan telah menyetujui penghapusan khilafah dan pemisahan agama dari urusan-urusan negara. Malamnya, Khalifah Abdul Majid II diusir dari rumah kediamannya atas perintah Mustafa Kemal. Khalifah dipaksa masuk mobil dan dibawa melintasi perbatasan negara menuju Swiss. Kemudian diturunkan dengan dibekali satu kopor berisi beberapa potong pakaian dan sejumlah uang. - See more at:
On the gloomy morning of 3nd of March 1924, Turkish National Assembly announced the agreement upon the abolishment of the caliphate system and the segregation of Islam from the ruling matters.

On the historical night of 3rd of March 1924, with the order from Mustafa Kamal At Tartuk, Sultan Abdul Majid was being outcasted from the caliphate's residency.

"We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic unity between the Muslims. The situation now is that Turkey is dead and will never rise again, because we have destroyed its spiritual strength; the Caliphate and Islam."
(British Foreign Minister, Lord Curzon, 1924)


They were the last caliphs of the Ummah- so far.
No, they weren't holding the throne whilst this land was layered with sands and camels.
No, they weren't holding the throne whilst letters were delivered by pigeons.

The caliphate system went out through the years where there were cars televisions, radio, etc- just like what we have today, except that those are the old- school ones.

Telling this, so the picture of the caliphate era we have won't limit in those Arabic dressing, walking or visiting around on the camel or horse, and the enemy restricted to those Roman or Parsi kind of type. We have caliphs ruling from that typical atmosphere we all been capturing; where Rasulullah s.a.w first made it existed by 623 up till 1924. 

To unite us all
Now for a moment, let's count and reminisce those years we have the caliphate system going on, the years we have Islam being the red cherry on top of the creamy cupcake, the years we have the central vehicle through which the Shariah is implemented, the years we have that magic pen which allows the ink to flow and write smoothly the life lived according to Al Quran and Sunnah, the years where the Muslims are splendidly lead, cared, and protected and the nons' are properly being ruled and honored.

 “The Imam is a sheild from the back of which the muslims fight and protect themselves” 
(HR Muslim)

 We miss "him", we need "him",very much.. Don't we?


It's the 89th anniversary of the fall of the caliphate system. I'm sharing this, not for us to merely mourn, howbeit for us to recall our own history, learn something, and do something. Together.

They united altogether to fight against Rasulullah s.a.w about 1400 years ago.
They united altogether to fight against the Khulafa' Ar Rasyidin, having all of them murdered.
They united altogether to fight against Sallahuddin Al Ayyubi about 800 years ago in the battle of Hittin.
They united altogether to fight against Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh about 500 years ago when he was conquering Constantinople.
They united altogether about 100 years ago till their plan to abolish our caliph success.

They dream. They make effort. They never give up. For years. Thousands of years.


To dream, to try, and to never give up on doing what is best for this Ummah, for this Deen, for Allah. 

Our dream for such is fundamentally greater as it's on the basis of Sunnatullah.
So dream.

"Dan orang- orang yang berusaha dengan bersungguh- sungguh kerana memenuhi kehendak ugama Kami, sesungguhnya Kami akan memimpin mereka ke jalan- jalan Kami.."
(Al Ankabut: 69)

Our efforts for such is basically stronger as it's with the aid of The Best to help, Allah.
So let's doing it to the fullest.

And our bonding altogether will make greater unity as it's tied Fillah.
So let's unite.

No. It's not "Mr. Caliph, where are you?"


"Mr. Caliph, here we are. Working for the rise of you. Preparing to obey you, after Allah and Rasulullah."


We are the blocks, building a great built. No matter which part of the built we are being placed at; on the floor, the wall, the rooftop- the thing is about being the best and the strongest blocks to stand the built up.

Jom. Bekerja.

Jotting this brings much of the memories when I have my "Ini Sungguh Kool" almost 2 years ago..
Ya muqallib al-qulub, thabbit qalbi 'ala dinik.