Feb 16, 2010

With Love

I made a surprise for Emak's birthday. It's so special especially as it's a long distance surprise I made=) During my homecoming to Malaysia that day, I prepared her birthday gifts and chocolate, wrapped them decently, and placed them nicely at a quite hidden place. I went back to Jogja on Feb 2, so waiting for Feb 9 to come was such a desperate moment... Hee^^

I called Mak a night before as my brother would take her for vacation to Cameron for her birthday the next day=)

I told her nicely where she could hunt for her gifts.. From her voice, I believe Emak was so happy.. There was another gift after she had opened the 1st gift.. It was her favorite chocolate=) I've tried my best to hide it in the freezer. I've been worrying that anyone found it before this day came.Hehe.. Mak was so touched and appreciate it a lot.. Wish I can be at home at that moment, and have her hugs and kisses, as what I usually surely get.......

Happy Birthday Mak..
Semoga panjang umur, hidup sihat dan senang, murah rezeki, dimudahkan semua urusan..

Pqa sayang Mak..

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