May 14, 2010

A Medical student, a Chef^^

"pqa, dah tak tulis blog ke?"

That's my mum, my very dear mum.. We can talk on the phone as long as an hour and more to talk about almost everything on this face of earth, or even as short as 5 minutes just for her to tell me what's she's cooking or what she's doing when her cucu2 are not around or yes, calling me to ask about my blog:)

I remembered being such a chatterbox telling her lots of stories during my childhood.. Mulut banyak, sampai cikgu nak staple.. Huhu.. I've been to science boarding school since I was 13, till 17.. Then continue to stay outside for my A Level and now here.. Guess the only time I truly, deeply am entertaining Emak with my talks was during my childhood..

April 26: I bought a scooter.. Finally~ It's great to have another BIG thing bought totally by my own money.. Skip about the flight tickets or 2 years house payment or this and that expenses; this is the 2nd pride for me after my 7 million laptop bought during the end of my 1st year.. Rasa bangga sikit dengan diri sendiri. Alhamdulillah:')

To add for the good of it, I don't have to walk back to forth of campus and home, can avoid from getting migraine or photo-sensitivity, and I can go to places without having had to pay much on the taxi or burdening others:)

Nevertheless, bad thing is: I am officially "kekurangan duit" (i.e I'm broke. Wuuu~)

I've been trying to do some "job".. Sounds funny.. But I truly actually highly determine over it.. I sell kek batik and muffins
*not really a muffin, i guess. with the shape which is actually for puddings, and the decorations which are actually for cupcakes..huhu*

Tak banyak untung pun.. Tapi tak pelah..

A little to gratify, that day Lennad, Clem2, and Alia was talking about having a Kek Batik competition of which Lennad used my recipe for such^^

Well.. Been having terrible, hot fever. It comes with chilling and all I could remember is pain. pain. pain.. Allah bless me to have such a wonderful housemates, spending hours to look after me.. Massaging, wiping me up with wet towel, feeding me food, and even put on wudhuk for me.. A healthy me is truly a mangada- ngada girl, I can't explain more how much more I become when I'm sick..... Terima kasih housemates yang disayangi :')

*Mungkin blog ni dah macam mak cik penjual kuih punya je.. Abaikan. Huhu*


dzulbazlin said...

i jarang nk tinggalkan comment kat page org.. but u really deserve such appreciation..
u r very strong..proud of u.. n for da fact u really manage ur budget n other stuffs, we seems to have a lot in common~
errm, bout gaining more profit.. i act join dis 1 project back in Kel.. so caLLed *Azz Marketing* u can googLe bout dis.. hee..

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

we r not just have similarity in that managing budget, etc.. also the can't stop counting n counting part..kan? huhu.. people like u, n some etc here make me feel like i got "company", some ways:')

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

nim, i baru bukak the thing u mentioned.. woohoo. mcm menarik~~~