Dec 20, 2010

Fresh Breath

Trying to really get things refreshed.. One of those efforts is having a new layout, perhaps? Hee^^

I'm glad I finally have the courage to perform Istikharah that day.. I'm glad my heart finally touched deep by the meaning of Ma'al Hijrah prayers for this 1432.. It had past about a fortnight and to date till today, I have and even bolder trust in my decision, in myself.. I can feel the calmness. Alhamdulillah.. Notwithstanding, I did have many nights of crying and self- pitying previously, I admit.. Withal, kena kuat semangat~ Takmo tersengaja manjakan atau melemahkan diri sendiri lagi Taufiqah~

Some deeds are just very much worth done within the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Alhamdulillah:') Anyway, I have good material to be shared, welcome yourself to spend some time hand feeding about
First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah: Days of Virtue And Righteous Deeds..

I should be embarrassed upon myself... Afraid to do things I should actually do, not only as a girl, but as a muslim.. All those apprehensions of being alone, or desperate and worrying what people may say yet may gossip about, and even wondering how much I would envy others had been making me forget that what reality is LEAVING EVERYTHING TO ALLAH LEAVES NO DOUBT..
Insya Allah. It unquestionable is for HE is the Most Powerful, Most Knowing of EVERYTHING.

Wamakaru wamakarallah..

I thanked Kak Nani, Ain and Tika for their gentle talks and advices.. Yesterday when we talked again, I felt even stronger.. It makes me have more faith in me. Make things even firmer.

Abah told me that he and Emak felt touched with my decision.. Bg Ngah was quite shocked, howbeit very, very glad.. I'm not yet belong to anyone; be it in legal, what more religiously. I'm bonded to Allah and absolutely my family, and soon when I'm married, my husband is then the one who has the right on me on top of my family.. Felt terrible of how much I've been letting myself being deceived by my own parents and family wish:'(

I don't want to hurt anyone, and even myself anymore..

Semoga semuanya berlaku apa yang terbaik untuk kita bagi kita, dan apa yang terbaik untuk kita bagi Allah...


udienjai said...

aminn. sudien pun macam nak tukar layout jugak. refreshing perhaps? :)

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

hee^^ jom2. get refreshed~ kita tak lama dah pasni nak jadi doctor. let's shape up the best of us:)