Jan 1, 2011

Another Gift From HIM:)

Alhamdulillah.. Blessed with another year to have:) As much as I could recall it back, this 2011 celebration is the most beautiful new year eve I've ever had..

Our Daurah was held in Parangtritis which takes almost 1 hour from my home. Long distance trip on a bike is way more exhausting than that of a car. Howbeit, me, hitchhiking Celina had a little less of such than her. Huu.. Thank you Celina.. Lain kali akak bawa awak naik scooter akak pulak^^

The place was nice. And I always love the trip. Paddy field area is always a remedy for an eye sore:) I Felt very much welcomed by the Usrah members even I was a new comer.. The Daurah gave me a truly splendiferous warmth, I hardly could explain how much it really is and I believe my one night insomnia is merely a tiny single dust compared to the rest of other things I have.

To note, the road which is just 100m outside from our homestay had never failed being occupied by vehicles, and people crowding at the area to celebrate the new year brought noises which got worst when the fireworks were lighted up. They even sang so many songs which amazingly became a lullaby to me. Siap2 baring nak tidur pukul 10pm tapi sampai pukul 12.30am dapat dengar lagi orang dodoikan.. Ish Ishh..

Well.. Our big topic is SAYONARA JAHILIYAH.. I learned and discovered lots of things.. Here I am, realizing how so little things I know and remember in my life.. To boot, there are so many things which make me hold on the ground stronger upon handling things which put a heavy loads on my shoulder, especially at these moments..

"Tidak ada seorangpun yang meninggalkan keburukan yang ia rasakan nikmat, hanya kerana Allah, kecuali ia pasti menemukan gantinya dari Allah."
(Ibnu Sirin)

On a blessed morning of 1.1.11, Tika let me to be the Imam for our Subuh prayer. It wasn't the first time for me to lead the prayer, but the feeling was utterly different..

My resolution is to really work not merely towards becoming a good Muslim, but sure-fire a good Mukmin. Insya Allah..

We had the closing curtain of our Daurah with a lovey dovey times in Parangtritis beach and enjoyed huge servings of seafoods. Hee^^

Alhamdulillah.. Everything I have and I got are indeed awe-inspiring
that my heart blooming in every second the clock ticks. I'm grateful of how Allah help me to have such a beautiful ending of 2010 and beginning of 2011:')


my name is anonymus said...

ur english is very good...
all the best, always be a good muslimah:))

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

Amin..All the best too, always be a good muslimah/ muslim^^

And may u able to get a good name. Nak mintak tolong suggest pun boleh^^

alya zaky said...

Proud of ur change.seriusly.wanna say this quite awhile but havnt got the chance.may ur changes give good influence to others too.like me! :-D

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

Ho ho ho..
If a human is to change, it should be a change for good, Lillahi ta`ala.. Insya Allah..

Kita sama2 doa and help each other to be better and better.

Sayang Alia^^

Bijen M. said...

Chaiyok chaiyok.

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...