Jan 16, 2011

To feel Loved and Protected

Went for our usual weekend Daurah yesterday. More akhwat Jakarta with us and the juniors look as eager as babies to hand- feed almost everything. Same goes to me. Tapi Piqa kan kakak, control sikit. Hee~

In the morning, my heart blooming to the fullest to see Ruz:') Ruz gave me a big hug and I hugged her tightly. Rindu sangat dekat Ruz.. I have to excuse myself earlier for my thesis's experiment. Before I left, Dib told me there was a souvenir. The typical me, my heart jumping with great excitement. Wee~ Ada hadiah^^

They hugged me so close, kissed and Dayah handed me a truly sweet give, fruiting a feeling I hardly experience on other gifts I usually get..


"Semoga tsabat di jalan ini."

Love, akhwat jakarta.

Felt happy and touched. Deeply touched..

Somewhat the same developing in me like months ago, whilst I were drowning pathetically in the mud where Tika and Ain texted me and they began with;

"Piqa, Tika sayang sangat Piqa"
"Piqa, Ain sayang sangat Piqa"
But that time, I was also filled with embarrassment and regrets..
This time, SEMANGAT~

O Allah.. I love them either. Very much. Beyond what I can actually say or show.. Please pour them, pour us, the very blessed of Your Love ever..


alya zaky said...

as ur housemate,i saw ur changes n hanim.n im so proud n touched with u guys.i hope i can change also.may Allah always guide us to the rite path without us feeling the need to depend on other ppl...

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

Allahumma amin..

Kita sama2 belajar n usaha untuk yakin; to Allah we give everything to, we leave everything to, we depend on everything to.

pqa saaayang alia:)