Mar 2, 2011

Allah, Most Loving, Most Gracious^^

25th of February 2011

Batch Dinner. Totally managed by us, batch 2007.. To gather in such a way where everyone was there at one place, dine together, taking photos, reminiscing times we've been through whilst having slide shows of our photos and videos since we were in our 1st year till now, 4th year- my heart melting, sobbed..

I love us..

These are people I've been teaming up with since we were doing our A- Level in 2006. Here we are, growing together.. Now we've ended our theoretical years, will very soon start our Ko'as years. That time, everyone will be very much separated from each other, busy with the clinical rotations.. No more typical us- to- us grouping or leasuring around..

Cepatnya masa berlalu..


26th of February 2011

Had somewhat a rehlah in Ketep with my usrah members. Akhawat Jakarta came over either. Dalam 40 akhawat berkumpul untuk tadabbur alam & mengeratkan ukhwah:)

We went to indulge our eyes with an indeed overwhelming beauty scenery on top of the hill then went to the waterfall.. Been loving waterfall since I were a kid.. And trust me, Ketep sangat cantik.. Subhanallah..

We had quizzes on Sirah, Tafsir, Hadiths, and current issues.. I envy my juniors.. They know a lot.. A lot.. Must do more reading and improve my understanding about Islam. More, more, and more!

We had our lunch together, performing Zohor prayer in jema'ah, then headed back home..  
Sangat penat, tapi sangat2 happy:')

"Sahabat handai pada hari tersebut (kiamat) bermusuhan antara satu sama lain, kecuali golongan yang bertakwa." Al-Zukhruf, 67


28th of June 2011

Had my Pandadaran. It's a thesis presentation which is a requirement for our so- called theoretical convocation. Must wear black and white.. Hurm.. Been working on it till the very deep of my bone. This thesis thingy had been taking pretty much a big toll on me. Sangat2 banyak masa dan duit untuk salah satu perkara duniawi niT_T Now it's done. Done. Done. Done!

Doctors inside the room behind me~

I got A.
Mumtaz! Alhamdulillah~ 

Have that sort of a little proud to see my humble work being published as a book^^

 Semoga Allah berkati usaha atas benda ni, kecil atau besar.. Semoga dapat jadi salah satu wasilah untuk bagi kebaikan pada diri sendiri dan ummah.. 
Allahumma amin..




My block 4.3 result had been announced today. Been waiting for the result so long.. The post I had about me having these papers were dated around 1 month (plus) ago.. That's my university.. Had been "sangat cekap" in marking paper  since we were in our 1st year till now..

Well.. Got A for Coma and Disorders of Altered Consciousness and
A/B for Forensic Pathology. 

Mumtaz^^ Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah~


Will be delivering the topic of Tauhid for our usrah.. Study. Study. Study!


5th & 6th of March: Daurah, "Syahadatul Haq"

Tahukah anda tugas seorang SAKSI?


6th of March: Home. Malaysia~