Jun 9, 2013

One of the menu for Ramadhan

"Dah berapa juz?"
"Hari tu tak baca. Kena kejar ni~"
"Pecut. Pecut. Must khatam in this 1 month Ramadhan!"

Ramadhan is around the corner, hunneyys.. And those above, familiar, eh? At one point, we are so much in a rush to reach that khatam- in- 1 - month target that we forgot the functions of the Quran itself..
I was asked about Quran pelangi for wanita that day. I've seen it; very beautiful- just enough to make my womanly heart to melt.. It's a good choice to motivate us in reciting Quran, I admit. I great bestfriend will it make too, insya Allah for its handy size, contents which are packed with a lot, A LOT of extremely beneficial assests and, and cute.
By far, now I already have my so- called Quran pelangi though and it took me years to finally found this special soulmate of mine..


I have 2 Quran within these 2 years. The 1st one was given by Emak- Jazakillahu khoir Emak.. While the later one was bought and chose all by myself.. I bought it several months ago and Alhamdulillah, used the most till now.

The Quran's name is AL HIDAYAH. If I can describe it in brief- it's the miniature of the "Quran Miracle". It's that "Al Quran per kata", comes in a half- A4- size. Not that small, honestly, nonetheless for what it gives- it's a lot handy. I was at first a bit uneasy the fact that the words are each put in quite a distance, but a lot of recitations helps in adapting that matter fast, and over time, enabled the same way of recitation with other Quran, insya Allah.

I'm in my clinical rotation period of my Medical course. I'm in that environment where I have less chances to dedicate myself to focus to learn Arabic language. Having this Quran + dictionary all in one is indeed, helps me in learning and practicing, if not abundance, then a lot of Arabic words. Personally, biidznillah, it's extremely supports me in knowing the meaning and to tadabbur each ayah deeper.

It has instructions and teachings of Tajweed, through numbers and symbols in every page. Yes. Every page. I'm no good in Tajweed. Nevertheless, I'd rather be ashamed in not being able to recite the words of Allah in proper Tajweed than not being able to speak in English with proper grammar.. I can't manage to have a fix schedule to have an Ustazah to teach me reciting Quran in its appropriate manner, so this is the most I can do so far. Alhamdulillah, my recitation is better guided. This way, I may not be doing it perfect, still, but efforts count, isn't it?

Every word comes with translation and the full translations it has at the side biidznillah, provide great assistance to memorize the surah. Some people can memorize the surah even without knowing the meaning of each ayah, but I found greater ease in memorizing the surah as to know its translation. Like reciting Al Muzzammil during Qiammullail with the meanings soaking up our soul gives goosebumps externally and internally, it indeed is..

It tells a lot of Asbabun Nuzul. Previously, little that I know that one surah may contain several asbabun Nuzul the fact that parts of ayah represents different background and reasons for them to be sent down. Knowing that, I had my run for the Quran that can help me to know that behind- the- scene- stories. One page of Quran can even tells 4 different asbabun Nuzul. I love stories. I love reading. This is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Al Hidayah, be a company for me in my qubr, a good witness for me during the day of Al Haq, please..

I wrapped it for the sake of enabling me to have them in my hands. The atmosphere I'm breathing it doesn't always accept- directly or indirectly, people reciting Quran at any possible place and time. Having my Quran wrapped in the same wrapping paper like my other notebook, biidznillah, it made quite a well done camouflage. Woman and their beautified stuff, nothing odd..

So that's my Quran, one of the must- have menu I put in the list of my Ramadhan's menu.


Setiap yang wujud itu ada ruhnya.. kan..
Bond our ruh with the ruh of our Quran and lit up the ruh of Ramadhan.. When it comes to choosing a Quran, choose it in ways of how you can really use it to the fullest. I mean it. Trust me, there's a great something- something reason. beyond words to explain upon why it's one of the 2 things Rasulullah s.a.w asked us to firmly hold on tight to.

Ramadhan is near. Very near. It's the month of the revelation of Quran. It's a birthday deserve most a "huge" celebration, isn't it? So together, lets.

It's we who define our Ramadhanlicious ourselves.

Salam Ramadhan.

In case you are interested to either of the Quran,
tafaddhol, tafaddholi, welcome to contact me for details:)
RM 55 for Al Hidayah and RM 85 for Quran pelangi tajwid wanita.
Whatsapp: +62 8222 673 673 1  



Pencari Allah said...

what cost is it sis?

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Prices updated.


Anonymous said...

pqa, dia dalam bahasa indonesia ke? senang fahan tak?

Anonymous said...

aslmkum..awak bleh x saya nak beli quran rainbow tu?camne ek?

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Anon 1:

A'ah. Dalam bahasa Indonesia. Lebih kurang bahasa kita je, insya Allah mudah faham. Pqa sendiri pun lebih suka Indonesian's translation.. Most Quran in Malaysia had been using Indonesian's translation anyway:)

Anon 2:

Salam. Boleh.. But after 23rd of July.. If you are okay with that, welcome to contact me through whatsapp or email.


Anonymous said...

Salaam dear Sis..
Can you tell me how to use your flowery hijab like your banner pic? If you can show me any youtube link of the tutorial, it will be better :p
And what kind of hijab is that? I always try, but it always too short and not cover my aurah properly :(
Jazakillah khoir

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Wa'alaikumsalam wbt.

I didn't learn it from youtube, from my akhwat instead.. I'll ask her if she actually learned it from any youtube tutorial so if it is, insya Allah, i'll share it with you.

Anyway, it's a normal shawl, BUT a very long one. 2 meters x 0.8m:)

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