Apr 5, 2013

For Your Hug

Apa yang antunna impikan waktu di syurga nanti?
Apa yang antunna nak minta bila dah di syurga?


Allah.. Pqa nak Allah peluk Pqa.. Peluk Pqa kuat2.


29th to 31st of March 2013.
It’s Heaven’s Lovers Day.

Day 1:

I had a packed (and blurry) week in this Department of Internal Medicine that I hardly managed to prepare my heart for this event to the fullest. *Yeah.. Right..* The first time we reached Jannatul Firdaus, I was actually disappointed. While everyone was talking about heavens, about the merry- o- lolly celebration, about being the glassy- jelly- eyes fairies- there I was, stuck in a spot of emptiness somewhere I didn’t know where to fill in. Truth, there was no true flowery, highly joyous excitement ever bloom. I did rejoice over the celebration we got by the very welcoming hugs and kisses from the fairies dressed in cream and green. I love akhwat, my akhwat.. Very. I’m happy and grateful. But well, yeah. That’s it. And there, I was drowning in a dirt of envious mud towards my akhwat..


You had sunburn during your rehlah with your ladies. You don’t need to wait for the advertisement of Nivea to say your name to make you know that their whitening product is for you.

You adore (Allahyarham) Syeikh Ahmad Deedat so much that you don’t need to wait till he announced your name in his debate or speech for you to make a collection of his outstanding talks.

That’s it, baby. Yes, Allah is talking to us through his ayat- ayat cinta in Al Quran. Nonetheless no, we won’t consciously or subconsciously think or feel that any of those is for us if we don’t directly or indirectly make ourselves being the one He is talking to.


Dan sesungguhnya Jahannam itu benar-benar tempat yang telah diancamkan kepada mereka (pengikut-pengikut syaitan) semuanya.
Jahannam itu mempunyai tujuh pintu. Tiap-tiap pintu (telah ditetapkan) untuk golongan yang tertentu dari mereka.
 (Al Hijr, 15: 43- 44)

When these ayah were sent down, a tremendous shivering fear clouded the soul of this one guy. He secluded himself for a 3 day uzlah and he was brought to see Rasulullah s.a.w because of that and he asked him why. 

“Wahai Rasulullah, dengan turunnya ayah (Al Hijr: 43 dan 44), demi Allah, serasa putus denyut jantungku.”

"Putus denyut jantungku"

For that, Allah delivered him a precious ayat- ayat cinta;

Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang bertakwa itu berada dalam surga (taman-taman) dan (di dekat) mata air-mata air (yang mengalir).
(Dikatakan kepada mereka): "Masuklah ke dalamnya dengan sejahtera lagi aman”.
(Al Hijr, 15: 45- 46)

(Story was elaborated from the hadith narrated by Tsa’labi)

That guy is Salman Al Farisi. A Persian, reverted to Islam in the midst of his youth. Either it was because of the thoughts that back there, as a kuffar, he had been doing things knocking the border of this Deen or it’s because of the sinful doings done after he’d rise up the syahadah in his life-   he felt as much as worst over himself that the warnings were sent to him.

He made himself fully communicating with Allah and there, Allah responded him back.

You can only be well satisfied with a clean bed only if you really hate dirt. Otherwise you don't matter much about it..

This guy managed to soak himself with Al Quran, to get in touch with Allah that much as he’d been soaking his life to a point that there’s no vacancy for jahiliyyah to dilute his bonding with Allah.

Remember the adventurous and know- no- surrender story of him in the quest for the truth, learning from numbers of teachers and finally was lead to Rasulullah, to Islam. Remember all the battles he had. The respectful idea he gave in the battle of Ahzab tells us that he was amongst those who stayed firm in the battle of 3000 muslimeen against 10 000 kuffar. Highlight there- it’s 1:3 ratio and the weather was at its worst.

Remember the great story of him being very calm upon a girl who rejected his khitbah and she even told that she would say yes in marrying Abud Darda’ who was actually there- on that very same time, being the middle person to convey his khitbah. He made way for Abud Darda' and you know what, he even gave everything he’d prepared for the marriage to him. Talk about the best of itsar ever, really..

All out in every aspect of his life, doesn’t he..? For what?

Because he wants to be the best caliph and abid of Allah. The chosen one.
Because he’s extremely, superbly obsessed with Jannah.

And that time when we gather to talk about our dreams about Jannah, I realize what all the Jundullah was actually, definitely being obsessed about.

They are indeed, deeply obsessed with Allah.

They know what their obsession is- their definite Tummuhat. And it's switched on with a true Iradah Qowiyyah. That's what make them keep on trying, working out, everything which is possible to be the REAL caliph and abid of Allah.

It's a principle already known to many, really- really.
But hard it is, to make it into reality..


I was in a science boarding school for 5 years, then continue to study abroad for another 5 years (and still counting now..), I learned about the heavy longing for the tender hug of Emak. The hug I seek for especially that senses of love, security and bliss of life..

Getting married, I somehow am losing that and it was replaced by the warmth hug of Abg. A hug that provides the same things like what a mother's hug can do, but greater; as there's a sprinkle of passionate love from a husband. Howbeit there, Allah put Abg far distance away from me and I only could see him once in a- 9- month- period every year. No Abg's hug throughout my pregnancy, no Abg's hug when Fateh was born.. Truth, besides all the things faced in this "jalan yang sumpah panjang" and my studious matters- those two are amongst the most critical times I personally believe a wife need her husband the most. Truth, on the other hand- it's the best of times for a woman to get deeply, solely attached with Allah the most..

It's anyhow replaced by the recharging hugs of my guardian angels- my bestfriend, my akhwat. The hug that is tighten by the bonding we had, fillah.. Nevertheless, Allah took them away from me. Having me being somewhat left out here. Away from my husband, my very own zuriat, being the only one who have to extend the period of my medical course of which, there you go girl- makes me the oldest amongst other akhwat here and Allah knows how hard it is to really make yourself a "kakak" despite all the things bear..

A hug- a warm and generous hug; always managed to turn me on. Always managed to make my dying heart alive. Always managed to lit the spirit to keep on moving flame high. Always gives me the warmth needed to wipe my tears out, to erase all the exhaustiveness..

Yet over and over again, Allah takes it away from me when I was so much into it. Again and again and again.. Teaching me to be independent. And to me, I know, because He want me to learn and realize that nothing beats His hug. If what He created managed to serve me such security, love, passionate, care and that quality bliss- imagine how unimaginable greater values the hug of His- The One who created those able to shower me with..The Supremely warmth hug. That will certainly provide everything. EVERYTHING. 

And for that beyond imagination great, warm hug, I must head my way to Jannah for that's the place where I can meet Him, we can meet Him.


Let's start communicating with Allah. Let's set our obsession right and firm. Switch it on with a strong, keep on flaming true desire.

Let's working, keep on working,
and help each other.

  يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِى عَلَى دِينِكَ



Pencari Allah said...

MasyaALLAH kak piqah, This extremely make me crying much :((

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

I was crying when sharing this too..,,

Anonymous said...

ALLAH sayang pqa, ALLAH sayang kita semua, ALLAH uji pqa dengan apa yang pqa mampu hadapi, ALLAH uji kita semua dengan apa yang kita semua mampu.

JOm terus bersyukur,senyum, ALLAH sentiasa mahukan yang terbaik untuk kita semua

*long-distance-hug kuat2*

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah yang Maha Penentu segalanya...

Bukan saja2 Allah uji kita,
Bukan saja2 Allah buat kita nanges,
Bukan saja2 Allah "jauhkan" kita,
Bukan saja2 Allah bagi kita rindu,
Ada hikmah di sebaliknya,
Ada ukhwah di sana,
Ada kebahgiaan yang disembunyikannya,
Ada ganjaran yang akan diterima,


Happy Birthday Fateh's Mother
Sanah Helwah Ummu Fateh ;))

*Hug from _ _ f _ q (nama tempat)hoho

Anonymous said...

* _ _ f _ _q baru betul,hehe..

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Anon. 1:

Kita sama2 usaha selalu bersyukur & usaha yang terbaik. Semoga Allah lebih saaaayang lagi.


*bear hug*

Anon. 2:


Insya Allah..
Jazakillahu khoir..

It's "Mafraq"..kan:')

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