Oct 9, 2011

A Radiant Building

"Andai Islam seperti sebuah bangunan usang yang hampir roboh,maka akan aku berjalan ke seluruh dunia mencari jiwa-jiwa muda. Aku tidak ingin mengutip dengan ramai bilangan mereka, tapi aku inginkan hati-hati yang ikhlas untuk membantuku dan bersama membina kembali bangunan yang usang itu menjadi sebuah bangunan yang tersergam indah" 
-Imam As-Syahid Hassan Al-Banna-

"If Islam is the old building which is about to fall down, then I will walk all over the world searching for the young souls. I won't be gathering them by their huge numbers, but I want sincere hearts to help me and together rebuild the old falling building becoming a building of a radiant beauty." 
 -Imam al-Shahid Hasan al-Banna-

No need to take huge topic to talk about; Israel- Palestine issue, Hudud issue, the Cavalry Church issue, etc etc etc..

And we don't have to go out to see how much we, ourselves had been pulling out the block of our precious building, making it brittle more and more.. Just open our laptop, and there's no need to google or find this and that website to see thing contributing to the crumbly effect towards Islam- just check our facebook. Frankly speaking, no need to search for non muslim pages. Just check on our friendlist.. Boys and girls of no limit in socializing- which is a great norm these days.. Dressing out of modesty according to Syara'.. And proudly exposing those..


The hidayah of Allah is a tremendously great treasure of which it won't reach us by us only waiting and expecting it to reach us by chance. Come, switch the button on. Grab the call. Open our heart, devote ourselves to Him, keep letting Him know how much we admit to our syahadah, to Him.. The more we ignore His call, the more He'll forget us.. Nauzubillah..

Lets improve ourselves towards a blessed betterment, and improve our religion.

Together. Rebuild the ummah. The strong, great ummah of Rasulullah s.a.w. Make this precious religion of Allah becoming an indeed beautiful radiant building.
Ummat Muhammad boleh~


Ismi Ijmi said...

since i first read your blog, never missed a single entry yet.
(of course you're not always update your blog)
but sincerely sometimes(most of the times for exact) those messages from your entry are that should be in every of our thinking.

keep it up Kak Taufiqah.

~"Abang" ada blog tak?

CS said...

mari kita wujudkan 'sarirah' dalam diri kta & stiap ummat...InsyaAllah

pqa, jg diri bebaik yer...apa pun Allah sebaik2 penjaga~~~ ^_^Y

ahLia teeeetttttt..... said...

go ladies!!

and gentlemen also

نور توفيقة ادريس said...


I wonder which post is the 1st one you read in my blog:)

Alhamdulillah.. And jazakillah.. Malu, tapi sangat terharu having people commented such:')

Kita sama2 usaha to always do things which bring good to other, beneficial fiddunnya wal akhirah, k..

(Abg tak ada blog..)

Kak Sue:

Jom. Kita usaha sama2.Insya Allah!
Akak please keep praying untuk pqa k.. Allahuma'ana~

Kak Zai:

Go go go!

fuad ansari said...

dimanakah agaknya anak2 muda yang berhati ikhlas.. agak sukar kelihatan dewasa ni.. mungkin mereka sedang bersembunyi gamaknya.. hurm...

nice entry pqa.. thanks..

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Kita kena sama2 usaha, supaya tergolong dalam golongan yang dicari ni, dan sama2 tarik yang lain.

Semoga Allah selalu tolong kita tetapkan hati untuk selalu ikhlas tsabat in His route.


abu zarim said...

oooo,,,sejak berjauhan ni,,,selalu gak update blog ek,,,huhu,,,,insyaAllah,,moga kite tergolong dlm golongan yg ikhlas n berhati mulia,,,,,insyaAllah,,,,

sy suke bce entry kak pqa,salah satu die sebab in english,,,sbb,rindu bahasa english,lgi2,perkara2 agama lak tu,,,:),,,insyaAllah,,moga dpt amik manfaat,,,

kalo sy bt entry dlm french,,takot sume xfaham lak,,wakakak

all the best,,:)

Pencari Cinta Sejati said...

Even in Badar wars, a number of muslim just a bit, but finally kafir under an islam, syukran.

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Abu Zarim:

Amin.. Amin.. Allahumma Amin..

Sebenarnya kan, kalau akak terer bahasa Arab, akak dah pakai dah.. Huu..

Buat je lah dalam bahasa french sekali sekala.. Tapi make sure ada translation. Must be exciting:))

All the best to you too, in anything good that you do, fillah..

Pencari Cinta sejati:

1. Tu bukti besar kekuasan Allah:))
2. Quality is on top of concern than quantity. It always is:)

Pencari Cinta Sejati said...

im waiting a new one story. lets update kakak taufiqah :)))

Anonymous said...

hello there. um..i don't know where to begin..but i accidentally found your blog when browsing the int. been reading almost of your post and your writing is amazing. it makes me cry and think a lot...really think..about all my sins through all these years.. its like my wake up call. its nice to be like you, to feel so secure and to feel like something great is hugging you just like what you feel. deep down i wish i can be like you..for the better..for me and for the better me to Him. but i'm scared. i don't know what i'm afraid of. i just feel it. i don't know if i can be a perfect muslim or not. it scared me :'(

thanks for everything. please don't stop writing.

-anith zara

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Pencari Cinta Sejati:

I will, insya Allah.. When there's anything beneficial for me and for others, fillah..

Anith Zara:


So grab the call~ You can be like me, and can even be better, insya Allah!

Don't be scared.. Anything we do for Him, dedicate to Him, for His love, of which those in ways He likes and He wants us to, trust me, Allah will be with us.

Please welcome to email me if there's anything personal you want to share or ask..k..

Light of Life said...

Assalamualaikum Pqa...


Apa je entry yang tak suka...
Seeeeemua suka.. This time is about sincere.. Hmm.. somehow, untuk seseorang "maintain" ikhlas tu saaangat susah.. Ada yang dah bertahun lamanya, tetiba boleh hilang keikhlasan itu sekelip mata je.

Kalau masa zaman Rasulullah SAW sebarkan Islam dulu, masa berperang, memang menguji pejuang2 Islam masa itu nak IKHLAS berjuang demi agama Allah ke atau sebab harta rampasan perang..

Kalau zaman sekarang, macam mana kita nak "maintain" Ikhlas thru the way to HIM, Ikhlas berda'wah,Ikhlas belajar, Ikhlas bekerja, Ikhlas derma, derma darah ke..hehe..

Moga Allah SWT sentiasa tetapkan hati kita dengan ikhlas...Sebab harga Ikhlas tu mahal sangat...

Ok..tu je..hihi


نور توفيقة ادريس said...


Yati.. Suka sangat ada orang comment macam ni~ Rasa macam kita dalam liqa' jarak jauh^^ Share things and opinion..

Em. Susah sangat nak ikhlas..
Sedangkan golongan mukhlisin ni golongan yang sangat2 tinggi darjatnya..

Kita yang biasa2 ni kena saaaangat usaha kearah tu.. Insya Allah.

Pqa support yati, yati support pqa. Kita bentuk ummah ikhlas yang kuat!

Go Go Go!

Light of Life said...

tapi Yati lagi lagi suka bila Pqa replied comment.

Baca banyak2 kali...:')

Yep,yep..Kita usaha sama2..

Go ummi Pqa! Go cik muda Yati!
Go! Go! Go!

Fi amanillah Pqa...

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Insya Allah..

Yati can personally contact pqa in case of anything..

We can get to know each other better, Insya Allah:)

Anonymous said...

salam..semoga kalian sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah..

secara xsengaja sy trjumpa blog ni dlm intenet..1st time baca sy dh tertarik sgt..kerana..
1. cerita dikait dgn agama dan ditulis dlm BI. sy sukaaaa sgt baca.. membantu sy menguasai pembacaan bahasa Inggeris..ayat2 yg diguna mudah utk difahami..suka3..
2.muzik latar pun relax jerr..tenang je time baca..huhu suka sgt2..

keep writing yer..
ops..hurm..hurm...hehe..bole ke nk copy sedikit tulisan pqa tentang hidayah? suka sgt huraian tentang 'HIDAYAH perlu dicari'
Jazakillah ya akhi..

minni : Yazmira

نور توفيقة ادريس said...


Alhamdulillah.. Jazakillah.. Semoga Yazmira pun dalam lindungan Allah..

Glad that Allah brought u here. There's a reason for every little thing to happen, taw^^

Pqa laaaagi sukaaaa sgt orang baca, dapat manfaat, and dapat share- spread around for the betterment:')

Sure. Tafaddholi. Mira boleh copy and share it~

Akhi: saudara lelaki
Ukhti: saudara perempuan