Feb 1, 2011

The Kind of Faith They Have

These many days are filled with news and stories from Egypt. I pray the most for the very best of safety for my friends there to go back home.. Go back to Malaysia, as soon as possible. Amin..
Besides the worries and apprehensions upon my friends, I can't stop adoring the great spirit of the Egyptians. How much they put for the revolution they indeed deserve to get.
There is a full video of raw footage of praying protesters being attacked on Mubarak's orders floating around. Touch me deep..

Remind me of The Great Battle of Badr.. When ill- equipped 313 muslims (plus a few horses and 70 camels) fights against well equipped 1000 men (plus 100 horses and 700 camels)..
Best wishes brave Egyptians!
 *Keep yourself updated on Al Jazeera.net*


Bijen M. said...

Kat Malaysia minyak naik lagi.
Bila pula rakyat Malaysia nak naik minyak?

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah keamanan di Mesir.
Ya Allah, peliharalah keamanan di Malaysia.

نور توفيقا said...

Malaysia.. Hurm......

The one who leads the ummah should be the one who masters the knowledge of hereafter (akhirat), i.e Ilmu Agama. Otherwise, life will be indeed mislead:(

Peace to the world. Allahumma amin..

nisa said...

pqa.. pakai purdah leni! patut tak de dah gamba kat fb.. kalau dah lawa, napok mata 2 butir pun lawa.. semoga istiqamah:)
balik m'sia kabo.. nanti org boleh bawa budak purdah jalan2:D

نور توفيقا said...

Nisa dekat fb dah message, dekat sini tulis jugak~

Allahumma amin..
Insya Allah..

Wahh. I surely will. Bawa jalan + belanja taw^^

fuad ansari said...

Sangat mengimpikan bahawa suatu hari nanti Malaysia akan dipimpin oleh pemimpin seperti Presiden Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad..

Ya Allah, bantulah kami..

نور توفيقا said...

Allahumma amin..

Hurm.. Susah nak cakap pasal M'sia. Almost 4 years tak stay dekat M'sia, cepat & banyak sangat benda jadi..

Kita sama2 betulkan and bentuk individu yang bagus amongst us. We'll help for the leader to rise.

Who knows awak yang pimpin M'sia nanti=)