Feb 23, 2011

Bliss of Love

Done with OSCE.. Alhamdulillah.. To review things back, I'm quite upset with my performance for "Eye Examination" of elderly for Glaucoma case. Nevertheless, I'm pretty glad with my performance for "Antenatal Care" and "Baby Delivery".. The rest of other stations, hurm, hurm, hurm..

The fact is, things had actually been written there earlier ever.. Anything that happen is just the asbab for every logical perspective we, human may able to accept.. Ingat konsep rezeki, konsep usaha dan tawakkal, konsep yakin kepada Qada' dan Qadar~

This OSCE COMPRE is the closing curtain of our theoretical years.. In less than 2 months, we are going to start our KO'AS year. Doktor muda~

As I can't wear niqab in the hospital, I somehow realize that my patients later won't recognize me if they bump into me outside of the hospital. I wonder if they can recognize me through my eyes.. Hurm.. Tak tahu nak rasa sedih atau rasa lawak.. Ho ho..

Well.. Time seems to move quite fast.. We are now busy with Batch Magazine, Batch Dinner, Batch Outing.. Extra things for some of us, for me, we can get ourselves pleasurably busy with usrah and daurah.. Having dinner last night with my usrah members, including the juniors, making me non stop reminiscing all those years I have before I ever reach to this point. Rindu zaman 1st year:')

There are times, I wish I can turn back the clock..
There are times, I wish I can pause the ticking of the time passes by..
Anyhow then, setiap benda yang jadi ada hikmahnya..
Baik atau buruk..

Memories and histories are there for us to manage.
Either we manage them good or otherwise..

Wamakaru Wamakarallah..

O Allah.. In every breath that I have, in every action that I take, In every words that I say, in every decision that I make, please help me to make those happening in ways You like, You bless and always becoming those of which making You love me more and more.. Allahumma amin..

You are the Most Knowing of everything, Most Loving, Most Gracious..

Now the almost 1 month- semester break is officially started for us, it's time to read booksss I've been pending to read, room- service, dedicate myself for our usrah and daurah, then get ready to go back home^^ 



fuad ansari said...

Pisang kelat digonggong helang,
Jatuh ke lubuk di Indragiri,
Jika berdagang di rantau orang,
Baik-baik menjaga diri.. (",)

نور توفيقا said...

I wish I can run away
From the desperate life of world
But to have faith in what Allah says
Iman is my shield and amalan is my sword.

Insya Allah..

fuad ansari said...

Masak lemak cili api,
Letak cili, kunyit dan santan,
Kalau iman pendinding diri,
Usah risau teruskan kehidupan.. (",)

mhafiz_ydin said...

just wear surgical mask as ur hijab.

Pastu jalan-jalan dalam hospital mesti orang ingat, "bagusnya budak ni muda-muda lagi dah jadi pakar bedah".

نور توفيقا said...

Been thinking of doing such..
Dah prepare banyak sgt surgical mask ni:)

Tapi tak ter pk yang orang akan cakap camtu.

Menarik tu.

Ibnu Mutalib said...

hehe.. bagus ada niat.
semoga ALlah mudahkan..
pakai surgical mask...

نور توفيقا said...


Still in training period as a niqabiT_T
Semoga yang susah2 tu adalah ujian utk kuatkan lagi.

Bijen M. said...

Welkam hom!

نور توفيقا said...

Advancenya wish welkam hom.

Tenkiu Tenkiu:)

Anonymous said...

Model cheongsam ni dh boleh jd model purdah pulak:) Catwalk utk busana muslimah lak la pas ni..

-Greeting from Surabaya

نور توفيقا said...

Assalamualaikum from here.

Tok sey doh.

Najwa Sofwani said...

piqah =)
happy for you
moga dpermudah segala urusan..aminnn

نور توفيقا said...

Thank you wa..
Em. Semoga semua dimudahkan & diberkati sangat2.
Allahumma amin..

z@i said...


نور توفيقا said...