Jan 22, 2011

Tummy Indulgence: Chicken Curry

I love cooking, I believe most of us do. The pleasure of preparing the dishes, having the aroma to sooth us within, and to actually indulge ourselves with our own touch or we call "air tangan" are part of the best things about it. And to me personally, the wonderfulness which tops the rest would be the gladness of having people to enjoy it^^

Here, a recipe I would like to share. I altered the recipe on my own based on my very dear Emak's recipe and Kari Mamak's.

"Dr. Pqa Chicken curry"
  • 1 whole chicken (i usually cut it into 10)
  • Rempah 4 sekawan: Cardamom (more than 5, less than 10), Clove (5), Cinnamon (2), Star anise (5). *These flavors are based on your liking, but too little won't help much to enhance the taste, too much will spoil it.*
  • A spray of Curry leaves. *Tak ada pun takpe. Jangan risau ye tuan2 dan puan2^*
  • Curry powder, 5 tablespoons. Make it into a paste by mixing with half to 1 cup of water. *I like to use Baba's or Alagappas. Ada ummph^^*
  • Tomato sauce
  • Plain water, around 1 liter. 
  • Kerisik, 1 table spoon. *Optional*

Chopped, blend or mashed these:
  • Garlic (4 cloves)
  • Red onion (4 cloves)
  • Ginger (thumb size)
  • Cili api (2 or 3. Kalau ada budak kecik amam sekali, 1 dah cukup..)
*I prefer mashing it using "lesung". More old- school^^*

Slice these:
  • Sweet onion (whole of it. if it's too big, half is enough)
  • Red onion (3,4)
  • Coconut milk (half cup) 
  • Sugar to taste
  • Salt to taste
Cut these:
  • Fresh red tomatoes
  • Potatoes
*1 or 2 is enough*

Let's start it~

1. Heat the oil in the frying pan or pot. I hardly can put the exact measurement, it can be around 5 tablespoons of oil. If you want a healthier and yummier dishes, add an olive oil to it. The ratio of cooking oil to olive oil can be 4:1. *Nak lebih pun takpe.. Tapi minyak sayur mahal~*

2. Fry the "4 sekawan" and put in daun kari. Bila kayu manis nampak dah kembang, add in the mashed ingredients. Fry till they turn yellowish. Takmo sampai coklat taw.

3. Add in the sliced ingredients.

4. As the sliced onion half- cooked, pour the curry paste. Kecikkan api sikit. Biarkan, tapi kacau sikit2 sampai naik minyak. *Biasanya waktu ni baru pqa prepare ayam; potong, buang lemak, bersihkan apa semua. Jimat masa^^*

Naik minyak macam ni. Kalau tak naik minyak, nanti kari tu "mentah", macam tak sedap sikit nanti..
5. Pour 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce. Stir them well.

6. Add in the potatoes and chickens. Bagi ayam2 tu golek2 dalam kari tadi.

7. Pour in the water, slowly. Takmo terus curah taw.

8. Kacau. Kacau. Bila nampak ayam dah masak (dah takde darah keluar), add in coconut milk. You can add more if you prefer a milkier taste^^. *Biasa orang Melayu kita pakai banyak santan. Kari mamak tak letak santan.. Kalau nak berniaga tapi nak kari yang sedap, pakai resipi kari mamak.*

9. Add in kerisik and tomatoes. Stir..

10. Add in sugar, around 1 teaspoon. And finally add in salt, based on your own liking^^

11. Bila ayam dah masak, kentang dah empuk, tomato dah lembut, tutup api.



roses said...

nanti kat rumah nak trylah!!:D:D
terima kaseh daun keladi erk.

tak sangka ade taruk sos tomato.nk bg pekat ke erk?T_T

نورتوفيقا said...

A'ah. nak bagi pekat and for a nicer colour^^

Try taw. and update me about it~

BungaSahara said...

my fav la pqa...ohh curry ^_^

sodappp!!! :)

نورتوفيقا said...

Kalau ada roti canai laaagi best.
Rindu roti canai mamak.
Rindu M'sia.

Lee Zha said...

lapa la plakkkkkkkkkkkk...


نورتوفيقا said...

Lapar kena masak cepat2 Zha. Hee^^

Resipi cupcakes tu kalau Zha dah try, decorate comel2. Nanti upload the pics taw.
Nak tengok^^