Jan 12, 2011


I've got to know more and more people these days.. People from world so different from me.. Know lots about Hadits, about Quran, about Fiqh in Islam.. And they are not only know about such things, they actually really understand it.

The wall of my room is pasted with lots of notes. Respiratory patterns in coma; Cheyne- Stokes, CNH, apneustic, ataxic.. Immunization schedule.. Pneumonia.. WBC counts.. GCS.. etc etc etc notes on my study..

And a small space towards qiblah, to where I sit to spend my time on my study table (not always for study purpose, indisputably is) is my grading and score since I was in my 1st year till now 4th year.. "Sayonara Jahiliyah" notes I got during our Daurah.. Zikr from "Kitab Ilmu Perubatan Kesufian" from dear Abah.. And some quote of my favorite significant ayah in certain surah of Al Quran.. All that I choose to have them within my sight just because they have significant purpose or meanings to me..

None of those I have on my wall include any notes on Islamic study.. The significant dates in Islam.. The notes of the important war in Islam.. etc etc etc.. None of what beyond things I pick just based on what I want or my favorite..

More often than not, I don't know about my own religion.. Fiqh, Sirah,Tajwid.. I believe somehow I've been too much in chasing this worldly matters to much.. I cry till I got my nose red like a clown, till my eyes turn into a puffy golf- ball, and mourning as much as a pity wife crying for his husband death when I can't understand what I heard in the lectures or what I read.. And exaggeratedly being so either if I got a not- so- good grade in my examination..

Nevertheless, I wasn't such
when I didn't remember the date of our beloved Rasulullah's death when one my Daurah member raised up the question about it that day.. And despite the fact that I've lead the prayers so many times since years, years ago, nonetheless pathetically finally realized about my so so so many mistakes in my Tajwid only a few days ago:'(

So eager and work hard to memorize and understand this and that pathology, diagnosis, etc.. Notwithstanding, hardly do so to understand Islam to the fullest. And always make as if I know a lot about.. With no shame believe I've understand a lot about it.. Too far to actually memorize more and more surah in Quran..

And I thought I've devoting myself enough to the word;

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

We need time to learn, we need time to learn from mistake, we need time to rebound back, we need time to grow.. While the time that we have to live is actually as SHORT as the time between Adzan to Iqamah..

O Allah.. Help me, help us all to use the time You grand us with as splendid as how You've greatly created us..


Bijen M. said...

Kena banyak baca artikel English banyak-banyak ni.
Ha ha ha.
Sejak bila pandai panggil Hafiz ni?

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

Tafaddhal.. Tafaddhal..
English awak comot, read more will help u to polish more.
(awak yg ajar, "berkatalah benar walaupun pahit.hee)

U r a very kind person. I mean, u r one of the people who help me to stand up during the time I hardly can do so.. Calling u Hafiz makes a figure of a good person to appear in me. Kalau Bijen tu, saya terbayang Bijan. Yang atas roti burger tu. Comot la.. Takmow~

Bijen M. said...

"Berkatalah benar walaupun pahit."

So after this tak payahlah jadi anonymous or 'medical student' dah ye.
Ha ha ha.

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...

Tak faham..
Elaborate. Elaborate..
I never hide my name.. To anyone..
Ke awak nak cakap jangan jadi doktor?

Bijen M. said...

Tak apa.

Nur Taufiqah Idris said...
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