Jan 24, 2011

It Surely Will Come

Last two days we had a class for "Memandikan & Mengkhafankan Jenazah". It was the second time for me to learn it. Still, I have a doubt if I can really properly perform it, and there's a great and heart-shaking bewilderment about me, myself being done so by other people..

Am I ready?
Have my Taubat truly accepted?
Do Allah really forgive those huge heaps of sins I've done through all my life?
How much He at least lessen the heaviness of the azab..?
How much good deeds I have?
Is my points of rewards enough?

Will be sitting for my Forensic Pathology paper tomorrow. Like it or not, I have to serve my attention to photos of dead bodies, photos of heartrending corpse, photos of dreadful and catastrophic wounds, burns, etc etc etc. All about death:'(

Sahaba r.a left the world leaving all the good stories about themselves. Be it about their contributions to Islam or about their characteristics. 

Abu Bakar As Siddiq represents softness, merciful, and compassionate. None of which we can find in the history anything about his bad.. None. Ibnu Abbas when describing him, he said:

"Kana Khoiran Kulla"
Everything about him is good.

Umar Al Khattab, a man well known as a symbol of stern and firmness. For him to be a muslim had been one of the glorious history for the muslims, for us. And one of the many gob-smacking facts about him; he's the worst thing for syaitan where syaitan won't even dare to use the path he's using. They would run. It's somehow beyond imagination for a human to actually freaks that creatures that much. But that's for real..

And these two people are even known as the wings of Islam, where Ali r.a used to say:

"Rasulullah s.a.w will go out with Abu Bakar and Umar, and will come back with Abu Bakar and Umar."

The wives of Rasulullah listed thick pages of beautiful stories and wonderful characteristics either.
Indeed they indubitably are.

Khadijah r.a is one of the truly great women in Islam. She has almost all the first- class qualities for a woman even before she became a muslim. The very first person who accepted Muhammad's teaching, the very first bestfriend of him..

Aisyah r.a represents intelligence, acquisitiveness and one who always eager and thirst for knowledge. She even became the reference for the Sahaba r.a in many matters, especially about Fiqh.

 How about me...?
When I die, how would people talk about me? How will they describe me while I'm alive?
Which group of people they will put me in?
What contributions have I pour that deserve a sincere appreciation?
How will I be in meeting You, O Allah.....

"Ya Allah.. Jadikan sebaik- baik umurku pada hujungnya, dan sebaik- baik amalku pada hujung akhirnya, serta sebaik- baik hariku pada saat aku menemui- Mu."

Amin.. Amin.. Amin..


Bijen M. said...

Even me used to be the model to be bathed during the course.
And me also mandikan jenazah both of my grandparent.
Orang yang bijak adalah orang yang mengingati mati.

نورتوفيقا said...

You surely have experienced bits of the feeling of dying either then..

Semoga kita tergolong dalam golongan yang bijak tu. Amin..