Jan 23, 2011

A Great, Wonderful Message

A message to the SISTERS IN ISLAM..
A message for us..
A message for me..

O Allah..

Please, always stay with me, with us..
Please O The Most Loving Most Generous..
Love us.. Be with us..
Guide us, help us protect us..
To be the best, blessed, most beautiful flowers, fi Dunya wal Akhirah..

O Allah..
Give me the strength.. Never leave me O Allah.. 
For I need You in every single second that the clock ticks:'(
Makhtag eleik Ya Allah..
 Leek, ana melki leek.. Leek,  whorokhy feek..
Wentallana ba'sha' hawah.....
To You I have my breath for, to You I will have it ends..
To You I'm giving my everything to.

Allahumma amin...


Bijen M. said...

Love the message.

نورتوفيقا said...

Be part of the real brothers to us..
"Take good care" of us.